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  1. king_roach

    king_roach Active Member

    Hi, I thoght this could fit in the app2sd thread at first, but this is not about moving apps.

    Even though it is about the space required on the phone memory.

    My Galaxy Ace has only 18mb left, and I get 'insufficient space' message often when I try to update apps or install new ones. I don't even have that many installed! Where did the memory go?

    1. Anyway, I would like to know what I can delete from the phone memroy.
    2. and how to delete some stock apps that won't have a "remove" icon in the home page, or which have a greyed out Unintall button so I cannot click it.
    3. I wonder if you know what causes memory to fill up. I have all cache cleared and all. Does each update, for instance, keep a backup copy, and they pile up? What uses up my phone memory?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Samsung Galaxy Ace running a ROOTED stock FroYo. Has Root Explorer and Titanium Backup.

  2. king_roach

    king_roach Active Member

    Yoohoo. I'm back.

    While clear cache didn't work. I've just "Delete Data"ed facebook, which was using 6mb on my phone memory. I'll see what other apps are using too much space for data.

    I still would like to know how to remove the unremovables. My stock ROM came with some software that I do and will not use. Why keep them?
  3. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    open titanium go to backup-restore go to stock app like bejewled or gmail. hold finger on the app name in listing for a few second a new menu will appear scroll to bottom click "force remove app by recovery exploit) phone will restart with the app removed and internal memory restored.

    if you do a backup of the apps then remove them you can restore them if u need eh? just like backing up data on windows:D:D
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  4. king_roach

    king_roach Active Member

    Thanks a lot, chismay. I went to Titanium and just hit Un-Install from the one-touch menu (not the long touch). It was active so I used it.

    How different is that from the recoery exploit method, which reboots the system twice?
  5. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    oh i think its the same option it just doesnt have room to say that in the one-touch menu:D

    nice one how many apps u took off and how much memory did ya get back?:D
  6. king_roach

    king_roach Active Member

    Why would the latter require two reboots then?

    Oh, I didn't uninstall much, just a few kilobytes, I think.

    Some 8mb were freed by deleting the facebook application data from the application manager though. That was the best I could do.

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