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  1. MsLynne707

    MsLynne707 New Member

    :confused:Hi Folks, well my Optimus M690 works awesomely but I do have this small problem and that is, I CANNOT DELETE ANY VIDEOS I HAVE TAKEN and please Do Not tell me to read the manual b/c ITS NOT EVEN MENTIONED ANYWHERE. Any help wold be so cool and very much APPRECIATED :confused:

  2. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href=" Contributor

    Have you tried using a file manager like Androzip. Go to the sd card and look in the folders (I'm not sure which one there in) and delete them that way.
  3. Misleadb4

    Misleadb4 Well-Known Member

    :) yes androzip is a very good app to have. the file should be in the DCIM folder, but im not too sure id have to check. you should be able to find it with just looking around on your sd card.:D

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