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  1. Well everyone are looking for Dell 5 and I am really impressed with it's feature and I want to ask experts about it's status. Should we called it Mobile Tablet or Phone? I put my thoughts:

  2. streak

    streak New Member

    I will be calling it a phone. Phone has less syllables.
  3. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    Some of the tech sites began calling it a MID. ie mid sized item or midway between a tablet and a phone. I quite like that phrase so I'll call it a mid.
  4. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    Isn't mid mobile Internet device
  5. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    could well be but every time I've seen it used recently it was more used to describe the size rather than what the device did.
  6. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    MID is Mobile Internet Device like the Nokia N800. I'm still not sure what camp it's in phone or tablet.

    I'm really interested in this device, but not sure I want to pay extra for the camera and the phone tech when I already have a perfectly capable HTC Desire. I just want something that can access the internet and play music and movies with a bigger screen than my phone.
  7. crovax85

    crovax85 Member

    The Streak is in a wirds place right now. Its Not big enough to be a Tablet. Too big to be a phone. Its a compromise of both worlds.

    I guess is a Personal Media player like the archos that allows the user to make calls and surf the net.
  8. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I would classify it as a phone, although I won't really use it as one. I currently only use about 100 minutes a month as it is, I don't expect that to go up :)

    But it has a phone, is being sold by phone providers and looks like a phone, just too small for me to be a tablet. Maybe I will change my mind after I get to hold one in person ;)
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