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Dell Streak 7 Digitizer Only. Impossible To Find??Support

  1. Michale32086

    Michale32086 New Member

    I have several Dell Streak 7s. All work fine, all LCD screens are A-OK, but all the digitizers are cracked..

    I have them all disassembled and pulled just the digitizers out. Here they are:

    Digitizer sjfm.us/temp/dellstreak1.jpg

    Part No. sjfm.us/temp/dellstreak2.jpg

    I have checked all the search results. Most are out of date, others refer to the LCD and the Digitizer being one unit, which it's not..

    I was hoping someone might know of a source for digitizers only.

    Thanx in advance for any assistance that can be rendered...



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