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  1. Gss34

    Gss34 Member

    Bought one at this price from 1SaleADay and may return my Kindle Fire (bought for $139 refurb). Has anyone compared the 2? or should I say Wth and keep both?

  2. idulkoan

    idulkoan Active Member

  3. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    I am not sure about either of those comparison charts. There seem to be many blanks for either/both tablets and some conflicting information between the two charts. One of the main things I think it is important to note is that the Streak can be updated to Gingerbread via an OTA update. It vastly improves performance and I think the UI is much improved.

    I don't have any experience with the Kindle Fire, but I think the Streak is a very competent tablet. It is certainly not top of the line (neither is the Fire) but it will perform most regular tasks. The battery power seems like a little lacking, but other than that, I have been very satisfied with the Streak's performance.

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