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Dell streak 7 or Other tablets..General

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  1. asparagus

    asparagus New Member

    Should i buy the dell streak 7
    I know the specifications are quite good but I am worried about the fact that its still only running 2.2 froyo and that the screen resolution is not great .
    Would i be able to update to 3.0 without ruining my device and also does anyone know if the low screen resolution affects the experience that much.

    If streaks not good should what other tablet should i buy note that my price range is around the streaks ie. 300 pounds or 400 dollars.


  2. waremaster

    waremaster Well-Known Member

    To be honest I own the Dell Streak 7 as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Rooted Nook Color all 3 devices are on Froyo 2.2. Of all of them I do like the Steak the best due to the speed of the device. But I have to admit the battery does not last as long as I would like. However if you have the ability to keep it charged it is a great device. Otherwise I would have to recommend the Nook Color and root it. The nook being on Froyo 2.2 has Flash support and the hack is not difficult at all.

    The Galaxy Tab is an awesome tablet. I simply did not recommend it due to the price range.
  3. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    I've run into this dilemma myself. The Dell Streak's price is attractive now ($299 in a few places and I can actually get it for about $269). I like the fact that its portable at 7 inches and its specs are quite nice too. But to me it seems like the Nook has got such a sizable community behind it that it'd probably be best to go with it since I'd have more options in terms of ROMs. The screen also isn't as nice. I saw one in person for the first time today and compared to the Nook's screen it just didn't look as good.
  4. waremaster

    waremaster Well-Known Member

    There is not much doubt the screen on the Nook Color is awesome. For the price you pay for that device it is the best screen out there.
  5. WhySoSerious?

    WhySoSerious? Member

  6. andrews317

    andrews317 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking on getting a Dell Streak 7 until the Kindle Fire came out. It would be for my mom's birthday. This two or the Nook color are the options that adapt better to my budget. I like the Streak has front-facing camera, but obviously the price is higher than the other two. Any suggestions?
  7. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Did you look at the Lenovo A1 7" tablet? It has good res at 1024x600 but it's a single core OMAP. Not shabby but not the burner the DS7 is with the tegra 2. The Kindle Fire will also be quicker but it's extremely limited with 8gb of non expandable flash memory. Plus it's not really a fully functional tablet. If she's fine with that, at $200 it's not a bad deal. The A1 seems like a nice option and built like a think pad with a magnesium frame.

    I like my DS7, but I would love it if it had 1024x600 res. On the plus side, it does have a full size SD card which I use for cards from my real cameras. Most tabs have microSD which renders my collection of full size SD useless. The DS7 is also running honeycomb now.

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