Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi @ BestBuy on Black Friday: $160General

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  1. SoulDroid1

    SoulDroid1 Well-Known Member


    The Wi-Fi only Dell Streak 7 is $159.99 with free shipping at BestBuy starting on 11/24. At the time of this post, the page is up, but it "Buy Now" button just says "Coming Soon" and is greyed out. It should go live soon.

    I was considering picking up the Iconia A-100 for $189, this this looks like a winner to me! :D

    Edit: Wanted to add that while this was in all the leaked BF ads, the price wasn't available until today.

    EDIT2: Went live at 5 am CST. Got mine ordered! :D

  2. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    i also ordered one. $152 total had $25 worth of certificates. best priced honeycomb tablet cant wait to play with it
  3. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    Will this tab be getting ICS ?
  4. Bulldog

    Bulldog Well-Known Member

    F'ing Best Buy. I checked at 11pm, 12am and 4am for this deal to change from "coming soon" with no luck. By the next check at 7am it was "sold out". I went with as little sleep as I could but there's no way I could sit there all night for over 6 hrs hitting "refresh" on my browser. Oh well.
  5. dansamy

    dansamy Well-Known Member

    I worked the night before Thanksgiving, so I was up & able to snag mine.
  6. Hbum

    Hbum New Member

    I put the order in successfully and it says the streak shipped and it even gives a tracking no, but the number is not recognized. I ordered thurs mornin and it's now sunday. Anyone else have the same issue? I am a little concerned.
  7. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    going to return the dell streak 7. didnt realize the acer iconia a100 8gb was only 30 bucks more untill they were already sold out(better resolution, battery, 1gig ram, micro sd(which i had a few 8gbs laying around)). luckily on black friday i got online at the right time to see them back up. but store pickup only. local one was sold out but was able to pick one up only 20 miles away. the checkout line went to the back of the store, atleast 100+ people in line, but no line for online store pickup :D :D :D in and out in like 2 mins. people in line were probably like WTF
  8. dansamy

    dansamy Well-Known Member

    I don't have tracking yet. I figure since I didn't get a tracking number Friday, it wion't be until Monday at the earliest.

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