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  1. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I use a app called ColorID on my Blackberry which changes the color of the LED and flash pattern, etc. I use it for when I am On-Call and it flashes a different color when calls & emails come in from work.

    I asked them about whether they had a Android app, and got a quick reply that they were working on it, but not all Phones have LED. Shocker to me, I just assumed all modern phones had a LED.

    So, does the Dell have an LED or are they other applications that do something similar, like flash the whole display or something?

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  2. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    it has a LED flash on the back but nothing on the front. Im not sure if the display flashes on when I get a notification as its mostly living in my pocket but it vibrates well enough for me to notice that I have a sms/email etc.
  3. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    this intrigued me so I just did a bit of testing with the guys in work. I tried turning on the LED notification in programs to see if it lit up the buttons(which are backlit) but it didnt. However the "screen on" notifications worked so should you want you could have the screen blip on when emails etc arrived.
  4. aconrad86

    aconrad86 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure some creative type could design an app for the streak that uses different vibrating patterns to know what you just got. Like one shake for text 2 for email and so on and then the standard ring for a call. I hate having to pull my phone out to see what i just got when typically emails and such I wont respond to imediantly
  5. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. This application (ColorID) (and there are a few of these apps for the Blackberry) does more than just make the LED blink, but default the LED blinks when you have an email etc.

    It allows you to assign a different color to different email addresses. Why it is important to me and how I use it is when I am on-call. I support this little retail company here is Bentonville, AR, called Wal-Mart. When my Blackberry rings at 3am I can just look at the color, if it is "red" (normal), I can ignore it and go back to sleep, but if it is BLUE, I know it is work and I have to answer it.

    Pretty simple Idea, it allows you to use all kinds of combinations, even a rainbow or alternating colors, it might even have a flashlight function; but I only need 1 color now :D

    So, if it has an LED, they should be able to program it.
  6. Rev. Nathan

    Rev. Nathan Member

    As far as I know, no Android phone currently has a notification LED. However, most have a notification bar as a substitute. The Streak is no different. The bar across the top of the screen gives you your latest notifications in words rather than having to interpret what colors you've assigned for what alert.
  7. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    the nexus one has a LED. the trackball can change colour etc.
  8. SEI

    SEI Active Member

    erm... as far as i know theres more android phones with led's then without. my milestone has one my friends x10 has one the g1 has one if im not wrong.
  9. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I know that there are phone with it because they said they are working on the app for the Android market, but they told me unlike Blackberries, they ALL don't have an LED alert.

    I like this app (ColorID) for handling my on-call, but any application that could make any part of the device flash or have a special ring-tone for a specific incoming email address would work for me. Just need something that is going to wake me up but allow me to ignore all non-work related emails.
  10. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

    Theres an app called missed call... it has many setting, where you can set up a color for diferent things, like missed calls, texts, bluetooth, etc.

    :confused:is that what you need?

    and i dont think the streak or mini five has and LED.. at least the euro version doesnt... heres a picture of the device while charging/connected via usb.. and no LED notification is seen Dell Streak review - Engadget Galleries
  11. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    One of the first responses said it did have an LED on the rear, although looking at pictures, I can't see anything unless the DELL logo has LEDs in it.

    This is close, but doesn't handle emails. I need something that will alert differently for different incoming email addresses.
  12. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

    He said LED flash... meaning the flash that the camera uses is an led.. but that's totally different
  13. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    Yea sorry its a flash not a pure led.

    However you mentioned about setting different notifications for property. That is possible. I have one ring tone for the wife one for work and so on
  14. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    That is what I am looking for, but for Email not just for Phone. Can you do that?
  15. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    with the default contact program it cant be done but I dont see why it couldnt be done with an app. I expect theres one on the market place that could do it
  16. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    Handcent sms has options for LED and different vib lattern u can rven make custom vib pattern but streak 6 doesnt has LED.

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