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  1. Jim1348

    Jim1348 Member

    I am considering buying a used Dell Streak (Mini 5), buying the vehicle mount, adding ALK CoPilot navigation onto a micro SD, and using this as a vehicle GPS. Can anybody here tell me if that would make a good vehicle GPS? Also, I would probably get it carrier subsidy unlocked and install a T-Mobile prepaid SIM card as a backup. Plus, the T-Mobile SIM card should allow access to a few websites. I also figure with wifi I can remove this from the vehicle mount and have a tablet with me while traveling. Anyway, would this work well or are there some shortcomings by doing this?

  2. bobnelsonfr

    bobnelsonfr Member

    Can anybody here tell me if that would make a good vehicle GPS?

    Yes. I use CoPilot on my Streak. Excellent combo!
  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I have used the Google Navigation a few times and it works great, but uses allot of data, maybe 25M in 30 minutes. If you plan to use it allot, think about the data usage.
  4. PasiS

    PasiS Well-Known Member

    Yes, the navigation uses a lot of data, fortunately I have an unlimited data plan with full speed.
  5. Robdabiggerman

    Robdabiggerman New Member

    The inbuilt navigation is great if you have data to burn and have 3g reception, copilot with loaded maps works fantastic with zero data and gets around all capital cities with ease. If you are looking to go off the beaten track then Oziexplorer or Androzic with the right maps allow you to navigate where google maps dare not go. Great device and the size makes it perfect for these aplications in the car, just make sure you pick up a car charger of ebay as it is power hungy.;)

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