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  1. zanzan1

    zanzan1 New Member

    Hey guys, I purchased a Dell Streak 5 about 11 months ago, It worked perfectly for 3/4 months. Then all of a sudden stopped working, didnt boot, didnt charge, didnt do anything. I found it useless as I went back to the place I got it from, they said they couldnt do anything besides send it to someone to check what was wrong, I chose to do that, About a month later, I had no call from the dealer and eventually went back demanding where my (at the time..) $800 phone was.

    They went to the back and handed me a box saying here it is. I opened it to see if it was fixed. But nothing. They had no repaired it. I asked why, they said. We didn't have your number (Which was garbage I'm a registered customer there... they have all my details, phone number, address, names, everything) So we couldnt call you and tell you what was wrong with it, so we got it sent back to us in the same condition as it was sent. They said if I hand over $300 to get it repaired. They will send it back, and repair it. Though the worker couldnt tell me exactly what was wrong, and what I was paying $300 for.... I had a extended warranty on it.. BUT
    When I went over the phone. Noticed a massive scratch down the middle of the so called "Gorilla" Glass. They said that voided my warranty. Ergh.

    So now we're here. I have a Useless Dell Streak, that won't charge. I plug it into my PC and All I get is a Battery Icon with 0% over it, and an exclamation mark in it.

    Doesnt charge, but from time to time it turns to a battery icon with an exclamation mark in it, without the 0% over it.

    I've tried fac. resetting it by holding down the buttons, it "turns off" goes to the Dell icon screen, then straight to the 0% battery screen.

    Someone please help, maybe tell me whats going on, I've felt like I've wasted $800 on a phone that when it was useable, was a really nice phone.
    Since my streak I have recently owned an iPhone 4s, Nokia E63 and Samsung Galaxy S3.
    I know, lots of phones.
    But Always loved the size of my Streak.
    So would like to get it working again.
    Sorry for the long post. But would really appreciate if someone could help me, urgently.

    (Would post pics of the two screens. But as a new user I can't.)

  2. algs26

    algs26 Well-Known Member

    Did you try charging with the factory brick charger? I think when the battery was very low on mine that was the only way it would start charging.
  3. zanzan1

    zanzan1 New Member

    I'm unable to find the original brick charger, so I've tried using the iPhone 4S wall charger. Didn't work

    I've narrowed the problem down to it being the charging pins, So I've recently ordered 3 new 1800mAh new batteries as well as a wall charger for the batteries. For some reason it was cheaper to buy 3 then to buy 1..

    So I'll see if charging the batteries from a different source would work rather then via the pins. As I'm guessing they are broken or something.
  4. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    I have a similar issue, but my Streak only cost me $280 on eBay new in the box.

    A few months ago, my streak stopped charging. I have an extra battery and external charger. So I started swapping batteries every 2 days.

    Then my son realized the pins inside the connection were bent and straighten them out and it charged again for a few weeks. After about a month the center piece inside the phone connection fell out. I was still able to charge if I pushed the charger up. Yesterday it stopped charging again, so I am back to swapping the batteries :confused:

    It would be so much better if it was just a standard micro plug.

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