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Dell streak screen is no gorilla! MUST READGeneral

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  1. qasimValent

    qasimValent Active Member

    I love my dell streak..... no homo.
    but the claims of its screen being rugged isnt true.

    'Dell has said this is a very durable screen, it has been dubbed

  2. undrwater

    undrwater Member

    That's not good. I think you should take a pic, though. A short drop onto a soft surface should not do much damage to any device...and I'm sure Dell's QC process is more rugged than that.

    If more folks report similar troubles...I'll have to consider a different phone.
  3. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

  4. Jreitnauer7

    Jreitnauer7 Well-Known Member

  5. irus

    irus Active Member

  6. johnh123

    johnh123 Member

    Is that kind of thing covered by warranty, or are you just sol if that happens? I've dropped my iPhone and evo numerous times, but never had a problem.
  7. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    I've dropped mine twice and its been fine. Plus like the previous poster said look at the engadget pen stabbing video. I think this guy just had bad luck
  8. hls62

    hls62 New Member

    I dropped my Dell Streak from 6 to 10 inches it landed in a ceramic bowl result shattered screen.

    Gorilla glass is not living up to the hype.
  9. undrwater

    undrwater Member

    Spider monkey glass?
  10. muntu

    muntu Member

    I've dropped mine twice on to a wooden floor and don't even have a mark on it. Both times it landed on the top edge.
  11. kendog2

    kendog2 Member

    The rule is, if you don't have a picture of it then it never happened.

  12. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Are there options yet for protection? I have a leather sleeve for my Blackberry, which helps protect it when I drop it from time to time. Of course it didn't help it when I dropped it and then landed on it with my motorcycle a few years ago, but you can't expect miracles :D

    I actually dropped my BB last week from my motorcycle, the sleeve was all scuffed up, but the BB had zero marks.
  13. Rhysd2

    Rhysd2 Well-Known Member

    dell are selling cases are are other people. so yep some options available.

    see here and here

    zagg are also doing an invisi shield for it
  14. kowallos79

    kowallos79 New Member

    I have a one week old Dell Streak. 2 Days ago I dropped it from 3 feet on concrete. It landed directly on the screen (was in soft pouch) and the screen cracked on all surface. I Thought that the so called GorillaGlass would be stronger.

    It works Fine.
    If anyone Knows where to get replacement screen for this device, PLEASE let me know.
    I looked at websites which sell those kind of things but could not find for this model.
  15. Desmodronic

    Desmodronic Active Member

    I call BS.

    The original poster (3 total posts) doesn't have a picture and provides a shattered iphone no less???....and has never returned with one....maybe when he finds one on the internet. The 'second poster' (only post) has the same problem. The third poster (only post with the same conjugation problem) doesn't have a picture either.

    I don't know why this person is doing this, but I guess everyone has an agenda.

    Oh and even if the youtube guy dropped it 25 meters from a crane onto a concrete block, you should know people well enough that they lie...especially when a replacement may be sought after. I'm sure he dropped it 3 inches, in a place with only a quarter of the earth's gravity, onto a fluffy white cloud. :rolleyes:
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  16. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Any screen will break. You can get unlucky or lucky depending on how the device lands, how high, which surface etc etc.

    Bottom line is, that every phone/tablet has a thread like this.
  17. Jenniferr2011

    Jenniferr2011 Member

    Unbelievable!Before I saw a strengthen test, which proves it very stable. So I am going to buy one as a gift to my friend. Today I am worrying about this problem, after watching the video Jreitnauer7 posted.

    Today Dell Streak will be on sale in the US. Should I buy or not?
  18. undrwater

    undrwater Member

    My understanding is that the Gorilla glass protects the surface of the screen from scratches, not stress fractures (but is not scratch PROOF). Because of the size of the screen, it is more susceptible to stress fractures and cracks from falls and abnormal pressure (don't sit on it) than a smaller screened phone.

    If you are in an environment that requires a rugged phone, then the Streak will probably not suit you. If you are someone who usually babies your devices and can benefit from the larger screen, then the Streak may be a good match.

    The Streak is not on sale today...and it appears no one (even at Dell) really knows if / when it will be released. If you need a phone within the next few days, I'd also look elsewhere.
  19. Stucey

    Stucey New Member

    Why do you think they make ceramic safety hammers to shatter vehicle windows for. a hand thrown ceramic ball, no bigger than 6 mm will shatter a car window.

    Not even gorilla glass will take that punishment
  20. akersp

    akersp New Member

    This was a fall of 2ft and the Streak landed glass down on the sidewalk. Gorilla glass my....

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  21. martinio1

    martinio1 Active Member

    I have dropped mine twice now from about 2-3ft (The second time happened 10 minutes after the first... :p ) from my desk and even though I have a wooden floor, it landed screen down and it was fine. I guess the protective case may have helped as it sticks out roughly half a cm past the screen so that takes the impact rather than the screen.
  22. RedMist

    RedMist Well-Known Member

    People seem to think that gorilla glass is unbreakable. It's just more scratch resistant.
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  23. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    FWIW, the Corning CEO was on CNBC a few weeks ago...stated that "Gorilla Glass" was used in some cell phones, and was told that a delivery truck had run over a phone using said product. The phone was destroyed, yet the screen was in tact. "Gorilla Glass" was also supposed to have survived the "frozen turkey test" (frozen turkey fired/catapulted into a sheet of given product).

    Whether or not there are variants of Gorilla Glass, per the different phone mfgs. specs, he did not say, but given his comments and description, one would think that if installed on a phone, it would survive a drop from one's pocket, and not completely fail. He went on to mention that GG will be used in car windshields, and TV panels "due to its durability".


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  24. binaryhellstorm

    binaryhellstorm Well-Known Member

    I'm no materials expert but I would question how thick said sheet of glass was. 6 inch piece of glass will obviously have much more stopping power than the 1cm that is in a phone screen.

    The other thing that I would just like to throw out there is that glass is very finicky. I have dropped smart-phones and been certain that I broke the screen, only to pick them up and have the screen be intact, I've also had the opposite happen.

    Is Gorilla Glass stronger? According to the manufacturers and to some of the tests that we've seen, yes. Is it un-breakable, NO! I think a lot of the screen breaks that have occurred are very subjective and given how glass behaves under certain conditions it is hard to say that it's Gorilla glasses fault.
  25. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    I think the simple answer is, if you drop your smart phone from any reasonable height and it doesn't break count yourself lucky - Gorilla Glass or not.

    I have had one massive drop where I whipped my Nexus One out of my pocket and let go of it on the way up it landed after around a 5 ft drop on a hard wood floor and didn't even get a scratch. Others report one drop from a table onto carpet and their screen breaks.

    Take care of your smart phone.
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