Demo games stuck on my android 2.2.1. (Cant find apk-file)

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  1. iKone

    iKone New Member

    Hello, im new to the Androir OS. I got my new phone, Huawei Ideos X5, and it had some demos on it (Iron Man2, Bubble-something, Uno, Prince of Persia).
    And I immediately wanted to get rid of them.

    I went to Applications --> Manage applications --> Launcher: Iron Man 2, and noticed that I wasnt able to choose Unistall, so I picked Clear data. And it didnt remove the icon or the game from my phone

    So, I rooted my phone, installed Titanium Backup. But its unable to unistall applications. RAGE! It says that Apk-file not found. Sooooo...

    I WANT THOSE ICONS OFF MY INTERFACE/MENU. I dont care if the games stays on my phone, I just want those icons off.

    Could some loving human-being help me to get those games off my phone.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Install another launcher and hide the apps.
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  3. stepkamau

    stepkamau New Member

    hey i had the same problem. it was driving me nuts everytime i saw those applications on my phone. they classify them as system files making it difficult to uninstall with file manager. will share how i did it finally
  4. stepkamau

    stepkamau New Member

    hi. i had the same problem. could not stand that prince of persia game on my ideos x5 phone. after hours of trying many things. this one worked.
    1. i entered the phone to safe mode by pressing volume down, volume up, and power on button when the phone was off. just as though rooting the phone . the booting logo appears followed by a complete pink screen. see demo video of this step at ----
    2. then i connected the phone to the laptop via usb. it is detected as a disk drive. just like flushdisk
    3. it has 1 file named 'image'.copy and back up this file in the computer ... just in case you make a mistake and need to do a restoration- you would just paste it back to the phone while the phone is on safemode or pink screen.
    4. once the file is backed up. open the file image . look for the file 'cust ' which is the folder that usually will be containing the games and demos you dont want. navigate untill you find the applications you dont want and simply delete them.
    5. once done deleting remove the usb cable from phone, pink screen still remains, remove battery and reboot phone.
    6. on your phone go to applications and view. some will be gone , some may still be appearing. click on the stubborn applications still appearing on your phone. the uninstall button that was inactive before should now be active saying 'uninstall updates' or such a statement. use it to clear the application from your phone menus. if you have any problems after rebooting the phone. just repeat steps 1,2 and in step 3 replace the file image with the back up file you made.
    7. if you hate the games demo as much as i did, dont forget to delete them from your comp/pc back up file once you are satisfied with your cleaned up phone.

    COUTION: THIS PROCESS WORKS VERY WELL FOR 'CUST' APPLICATIONS. FOR SYSTEM APPLICATIONS. you need to root the phone and install two files. 'file expert' and 'remount' by google. then using the remount file mount system files as RW, then using file expert navigate to applications (app) and remove the ones you dont want . be careful with system files. before dealing with system files check this also.
    [U8800] [How To] Root, Install ClockworkMod + Remove Bundled Apps from Official 2.3.5 - Huawei U8800 / Ideos X5 - - MoDaCo
  5. erict

    erict New Member


    How important is the step where you remove the battery? I'd like to clear a bunch of the pre-installed clutter from my Droid 4, but it doesn't have a removable battery.


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