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  1. heyjoojoo

    heyjoojoo Well-Known Member

    I know I could go with much newer phone but really can' afford it now. I can either get a Motorola X2 for $49 or Samsung Charge for free. (verizon)

    But not sure which one. I'm leaning toward the X2 because of screensize and solidness. Samsung has 4G but I don't feel all that inclined to jump on it.

    X2 sure seems nice. Any insight?

  2. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine had the Droid Charge but he didn't seem to like it, his main complaint was the horrible battery life. If you want the 4G and don't mind getting an extended battery there are some Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs on XDA-Developers but overall development seems a bit slow there.

    On the other hand, if you don't mind staying on 3G this phone will give you good battery life, there is a 2.3.5 update that just came out and there's a Cyanogen Mod 9 ROM (closest we'll get to ICS) that's coming out tonight. If you have time I would go to a verizon store and play around with them if they have test devices out to see which one you would like. You might be inclined to like Samsung's super amoled screen and touch wiz interface over Motorola Blur (which I can't stand, so thank GOD for Cyanogenmod!!! :)

    My own personal opinion is that if you are getting either one and signing or extending a 2-year contract with VZW I would wait untill I could afford a Razr Maxx. The announcement that it's getting ICS was released today and it has the best battery on any smpartphone. If I'm going to be in with VZW for 2 years the phone better be worth it... again, my 2 cents. I know waiting can seem tough but... it may pay off later..
  3. heyjoojoo

    heyjoojoo Well-Known Member

    I'm considering the Bionic instead now... I believe the battery is better on that one...
  4. wharpig

    wharpig Well-Known Member

    Well...both these phones suck compared to the new phones that are out now...The DX2 is much better than the charge IMO. My wife has the charge and her biggest complaint is the voice mail...when you try to enter your pin it always shuts the screen off...which is very annoying when it does it every single time, you turn the screen back on then it does it again... doesn't sound bad until you have wasted 5 minutes just trying to check a voice mail...I figured out if you sit it on a table or something straight it wont turn off. Other than that its not too bad of a phone. I still like my DX2 better, but like I said these devices are crap compared to whats out there now...I mean these two phones are now over a year old...

    The bionic isnt bad but I think I would rather have the razr maxx if your sticking with Motorola...I dont care what android phone you get your going to complain about the batter life...some are worse than others but they all suck if you use your phone solution is to just keep a charger with me, I have one in my car, at the house, and at my work
  5. coolpoete

    coolpoete Well-Known Member

    You can easily go into settings - wireless settings - voicemail number and put in your voicemail number along with password pin. It should look like:


    *86 is the verizon voicemail number, the comma is for pause, and then the rest is your password pin. Whenever I dial voicemail it will go right into your message. You should also be able to set the screen timeout settings
  6. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    Whenever I call my voicemail, it's like I'm calling myself, and I have to hit * to enter the my pin and the menus, so the number I have to dial is *86,,,*1234. Haven't found a setting yet that bypasses the need to tap * to hop out of the leave-a-message area.
  7. wharpig

    wharpig Well-Known Member

    Its not a screen timeout issue its just something with the phone, not sure if they are all like that but the slightest move makes the screen go far as inputting the password into the voice mail # might work but I was never a fan of that...Probably because I am an IT guy and that's like writing your password down and putting it right next to the PC....

    Anyways I think shes going to keep my X2 and were going to sell her charge once when my galaxy S3 comes.

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