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  1. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Well-Known Member

    Just picked up a new S4. My photo gallery now shows about 100 extra folders all with 1 photo each. It picked up all the album art from my music. Any way to get rid of these in the gallery? I don't want to sort through 100+ folders looking for 4 or 5.

  2. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Any solutions? Having same problem.
  3. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Well, I found a solution...however, it is anything but elegant. You need to put a blank file called ".nomedia" in each folder you do not want to be scanned by the gallery. This means the music players won't scan it either. See this very useful post over at XDA:

    A better solution is to not use the stock gallery app. I used QuickPic (free) on my Evo 4G and I just installed it on the GS4 and it is much better. It has more features, is more customizable, easier to navigate and it allows you to deselect folders and you can tell the the program to not even look in certain folders (like my huge "Music" folder) to speed up scanning times. Highly recommended.

    I like to use stock apps...but when they suck the big one, as does the Samsung Gallery app, it goes by the wayside. YMMV.
  4. crabman

    crabman Well-Known Member

    All you have to do is put all the music into one folder and then add .nomedia to that folder and you're done. Every folder in a no media folder will also be hidden from the gallery scan because the command is hierarchical, everything above is visible and scanned, everything below is not. Takes a matter of a few seconds and it's what your app did for you.
  5. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    From what I understand...putting a .nomedia file in a folder will make that folder "invisible" to the photo gallery and music programs. So putting .nomedia in the root Music folder will also prevent you from playing your music. I haven't tried it so I may be wrong...but that is my understanding of how it works according to a number of different online sources.

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