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Desire always on speaker phone..Support

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  1. igor420

    igor420 New Member

    Hey , I have had my desire a few weeks now. I have a problem with it.
    Every time i make a phone call or accept a phone call the phone will switch to speaker phone. This happens before i put the phone up to my ear so it is not my face that is turning on speaker phone. If i hold the phone in my hand and dial a number and press call, it goes to speaker phone. If the phone rings and i answer it, it will always go straight to speak phone.

    Has anyone had this problem?

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  2. victorc

    victorc New Member

    yup.. i had the same problem on my legend... Try switching off your phone, take out and reinsert the battery and switch on again.I am not sure what caused it but it never happened again.
  3. igor420

    igor420 New Member

    No way!! That worked, I have tried many ways to fix this.
  4. PARAD0X

    PARAD0X Well-Known Member

    Another weird bug
  5. rebellyon

    rebellyon New Member

    Hi guys, have the same issue. Weird because the problem only started recently and I've removed the battery with no avail
  6. rebellyon

    rebellyon New Member

    igor420, you just removed the battery and restarted? Mine seems to retain the problem
  7. rebellyon

    rebellyon New Member

    Guys I figured it out! There was a tiny piece of paper stuck in the usb port (lint from my jeans pocket) . For some weird reason I believe the phone thinks its charging and goes to speakermode.
    After using a pair of pincers to remove the obstruction. My first telephone call proceeded normally. This is after 4 attempts of removing the battery, so it could be a dirt in other people's cases too.
  8. kobiec

    kobiec New Member

    Yes indeed, I have exactly the same issue, however have not managed to solve it. Just started last week after I had the phone from new for 2 weeks. I have tried the battery removal suggestion, no success yet.....

    Any other suggestions
  9. allymoss

    allymoss New Member

    same thing on mine. Going to try battery thing later when I don't need to use the phone.
  10. donlduck

    donlduck Member

    That fixed my phone just now. I'd been having the problem for the last few days and it was quite annoying. Thanks for the tip!:D
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  11. Jason71

    Jason71 Well-Known Member

    Do any of you any chance ever get a Car symbol on the notification bar at all? If 2 of the usb pins (3 and 4 I think) are shorted together the phone thinks it is in a car dock and automatically goes to speaker phone during a call. As rebellyon has discovered dirt/debris or damage to the USB port can also trick the phone in this way.
  12. hodeman

    hodeman New Member

    I got the Car symbol, yes. I got this problem after talking on the phone when it was plugged into HTC DESIRE DUAL TWIN SYNC CRADLE DOCK DESKTOP CHARGER. The Car symbol was shown, and the phone auto-speakered. After unplugging the phone, every incoming/outgoing call was with speaker on.
    The Car symbol was shown only this once, and after unplugging the battery, it was OK
  13. stgl1987

    stgl1987 New Member

    Wow, thank God I found this thread. I also had the problem. Now it's solved after trying taking out the battery.

    Thanks so much to the person who offered the solution
  14. bignbouncy

    bignbouncy New Member

    OMG - this has just been happening to me. Got the car symbol the other day after using the car charger and ever since, the speaker comes on when I get a call, which is not good when I'm answering a call at work where the phone should be off!!! haha, anyway the battery out and in again thing has worked, but does it not mean that there is a problem if this is happening to lots of us?
  15. steve1401

    steve1401 Well-Known Member

    Same here today - don't have an official car dock and so why the car dock mode came on I don't know. I was plugged into the car charger, but this doesn't normaly affect things...

    Also, I don't see removing the battery as a solution to the problem - are we saying remove the cover and battery every time this happens!

  16. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Its a work around.

    Isnt it a certain connection in the USB socket that triggers car mode? Checking its clear in there or that nothing is bridged may help too.
  17. Vulcain

    Vulcain New Member

    Hi all !

    I have been stuck for 2 weeks on this issue.

    I have tried all those things :
    - Switch off and then switch on the phone
    - Remove and reinsert the battery
    - Remove and reinsert the SIM Card
    - Clean up the USB connector (and there were lots of dusts inside)
    - Hard reset to the factory settings

    Nothing has solved the problem.

    BUT I have found a SOLUTION and also a process to see if you have the same problem as me :
    1) Create a shortcut on your home screen and add this shortcut : Shortcut -> Parameter -> Car dock (the icon is a padlock)
    2) Click on this shortcut and enable Auto start feature
    3) A little car icon will appear in the status bar if there is a short circuit at that moment
    4) Take your mini usb cable and plug it into the phone usb connector (without connecting the cable to an electrical outlet nor your PC, we don't want to charge the phone, in fact it doesn't matter but I advice you to not charge it during the process)
    5) Now track if the car icon is present, if it is, just move up and down and left and right the cable to check if it's not a hardware short circuit like it is for me (!!). If the car icon appears and disappears during the process while you are moving the cable, then it's a hardware short circuit problem (nothing to do with some kind of software bug as mentioned by some people).

    To fix the problem permanently you have 2 choices :
    5.1) Take your phone back to the shop
    5.2) My solution if you are a lazy man like I am : use the cable to twist correctly the male connector (the one inside the phone) to the correct position. For me the correct position was : lay down your phone on a table, screen upwards, you must twist the connector upwards too. The direction to twist the connector is from the bottom (the table) to the up (the screen) = If you take your phone in front of you and you are looking at the screen, twist the connector towards yourself.

    I have fixed the problem this way.

    I hope you will be able to fix it too.

  18. mccabes0

    mccabes0 New Member

    I too had the speaker phone issue, the car sign also appeared but was cleared down. bizarrely enough this problem also affected the max volume of my MP3 playback, anyhow a quick blast of air in the USB port & on the charging lead the phone is back working as it should (shame O2 cust/ tech services could give me this answer last week) :)

    Thanks for the great tip guys

  19. andytheandroid

    andytheandroid New Member

    I had this problem for about a week and believe I have just fixed it.

    Firstly I altered any settings in the 'dock' app that may allow it to start automatically or stay on.

    I then went to the general settings for the phone and again altered settings for 'the dock' app (different settings there than through the app itself). This solved the issue of the 'car panel' popping up instantly (I did this the other day without re-occurence.

    I then recalibrated the g-sensor then the speaker phone issue was resolved (I don't know how or why!).

    I hope this helps.
  20. arielble

    arielble New Member

    L I N T ! I have fallen victim to lint! Can't believe I have been going nuts all because a little CSI size piece of lint!

    After suffering from car panel & speaker on for the last two days, unmaunting the battery and such, I finaly found here the post regarding lint, since it was during half time in a football match I grabbed the straw from my drink, started digging into the USB port and there it was, a freaking tiny piece of lint wedged in the port! Once the lint was out, all my troubles disapeared!

    Funny how all this great technology is still affected by something as dumb and worthless like lint!
  21. alexandrumdan

    alexandrumdan Member

    i have the same issue, but i switched off and take out the battery and all that stuff and it is not working to me. any other solutions?
  22. Cool_Daniel

    Cool_Daniel New Member

    Hey Everyone, this is a problem I started to face this morning on my HTC Desire HD. I looked into these threads and learned that the battery should be removed or else. I tried all the possible ways. Nothing helped.


    I connected the charger and then unplugged it with love again. This helped solve the problem. I had the same problem with my HTC HD2 but that was a bit more permanent. This indicates that HTC is weak on the USB port which usually breaks and the cell phone thinks that it is connected to a car panel.

    It was very disturbing with HTC HD2 Co Pilot, but with Android it has been improved as it is not so annoying.

  23. techie_rs4

    techie_rs4 New Member

    Was not looking forward to prying off my new case. To correct the Car Kit mode speaker phone issue shut phone down and plug it into wall charger before rebooting.

    Fixed! (and no scratch marks on my case):cool:
  24. Lint!!!!!

    Couldn't find any but blew and fiddled with a paperclip in the port. Nothing found but when I did a test call to my phone no speakerphone!!!!
  25. eoxaal

    eoxaal Member

    Hmmm.... seems that there may be different causes of the same problem (hence also different fixes).

    My problem: car panel starting randomly, backlight turning on, calls to speakerphone. This started after I for the first time used the usb internet pass through connection. So it for sure is somehow related to use of the usb port. Tried all the suggested fixes of resetting the phone, cleaning the female plug (gently!) with a toothpick, and also compressed air, without results.

    As a last resort I turned the phone off, removed the battery for 5 minutes and reinserted it, turned phone on again. Problem gone! Surprisingly simple, but since it worked for me, maybe it'll work for others too?

    Based on the above I'm not convinced it's a mechanical issue with the plug, it could be a "stuck status" of some kind that only resets when all power is removed.

    (note that removing and reinserting the battery right away may not neccessarily give the same result as removing and leaving out for some minutes)

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