Desire Camera vs Nokia N95?

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  1. marvin-

    marvin- New Member

    I have a Nokia N95 and have been really happy with the camera. I am looking to upgrade to Android, and probably a Desire, can anyone point me to some full size pictures as they come out of the Desire so I can see if I am happy with the compression and in-camera processing? I want to see flash, low light with no flash and good light.
    The camera is the main thing holding me back, I know about all the other really cool things I get with Android but I want to make sure I don't hate the phone just because of the camera.


  2. brad-short

    brad-short Well-Known Member


    I too came from an N95 8GB to the Desire. The camera is not as good as the N95. The delay in the shot is pretty poor and low light shots are not as good. It does have face detection and auto focus though and the pictures are certainly passable, just not as good as the N95. If you want a better camera first and foremost, the Desire is not for you.

    I however, mostly use the camera for memories and quick snaps so it is fine.

    Software on the market may help with these features of the camera tho, can anyone else help?
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  3. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    If you're looking to move to Android, and the camera is inportant then take a look at the SE Xperia X10. It's not quite as good overall as the Desire, but the camera is very good, and much better than the Desire's.
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  4. dajomel

    dajomel Well-Known Member

    Well, as already said, the camera in the Desire isn't as good as the N95 camera but then again the N95 camera was classed as one of the best when it came out and probably still is.

    If you are wanting a phone to be used mainly as a camera then I do want to ask, why? If you are that bothered by photo quality then by a compact camera.

    I personally do photography so I use an SLR camera for specific photography trips and a compact for casual opportunities and the camera on my phone is used for those ad-hoc spontaneous moments. Anyway, each to their own :)

    Anyway, if camera is your main priority then the Desire really isn't the phone for you but you are missing out on probably the best phone on the market if you decide having the best camera in your phone as your main criteria.

    In addition to the software making it better, don't hold your breath. You cannot really make a bad photo good. You really need the quality there in the first place.
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  5. chris100575

    chris100575 Well-Known Member

    I'd more or less agree with Brad, I've not noticed the delay myself but the N95 definitely took better pictures. If the camera's important have you had a look at the Sony Ericsson X10? IMO phone cameras don't get better than SE.

    <edit> Dajomel makes a good point, I only use my phone camera for snaps. If I'm planning a day out I take a compact digital.
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  6. marvin-

    marvin- New Member

    Thanks for all the helpful comments, I will take a look at the X10. @dajomel I have a Digital SLR for serious photos, but I like to have a camera always with me. Prior to my N95 I had a Pentax compact which I found bulky and it had an annoying 'leave at home' feature. I have really got used to the convenience of a camera always in my pocket that can handle most situations.
    I might find the Desire good enough, but seeing some images straight from the camera before any processing would help a lot. Is it the same camera as the HD2 (including same flash)? My other half has just got an HD2, I haven't seen the pics yet though.
  7. beardyweirdy

    beardyweirdy Active Member

    I've arrived at the Desire following a long string of Nokia smartphones (6630 -> N80 -> N95 -> N95 8GB -> N97) and the camera quality was one of my concerns about making the switch. I've actually been quite pleasantly surprised by the Desire (versus my expectations) and have found that the camera takes pretty good shots, especially outdoors, even when blown up on my PC. I doubt you'll notice a massive difference in quality between the two, they're certainly not far apart.

    As far as camera-phones go, the upcoming Nokia N8 (due August 2010) looks like it will have a truly game changing camera (with a sensor size equal to many compact cameras) and, on paper at least, shows a lot of promise more generally as a phone too. However, having been stung with the N97, I'd certainly wait until it's been around for a month or two and seen other peoples views before I'd consider opting for one. This could well be Nokia's 'make or break' device in order to maintain any serious long-term presence in the high end smartphone market.
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  8. nx1977

    nx1977 Well-Known Member

    I find the camera better than on my N95 and N96.
  9. brad-short

    brad-short Well-Known Member

    I dont think the thread agrees . . .

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