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  1. uzetaab

    uzetaab Well-Known Member

    No, there is not.

    The phone should survive you attempting to turn it on once though (even several attempts), so I wouldn't worry. Just don't keep trying :)

  2. Bertie

    Bertie Active Member

    Sorry to be a bit thick, but I love the questions but don't know where to find the answers. Have they been written yet? Are they on 'stickys', and if so how do I find them?

    How about a few simple beginners tips, such as, setting up contacts, downloading apps, with a few common and very useful ones eg 3g watchdog etc.

    Thanks-this compendium of questions and answers will prove very useful if I can find it.

  3. Bertie

    Bertie Active Member

    Seemingly I've just created a 'sticky'. Haven't got a clue how or why!
  4. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    Just click the 'Show' buttons below the questions. ;) Thanks for your suggestions! And you POSTED in a sticky, not created one. :)
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  5. Bertie

    Bertie Active Member

    I feel slightly embarassed now! If I knew how, I would put one of those red faces in this message. Thank you. I didn't click 'show' because my arrow didn't change to a hand as it usually does.

    I am about to take out a contract on a Desire and understand from my son that it comes with almost no instructions as to use. A beginner's guide to basics would, I think, prove very useful.

    As you can probably tell, I have never had a smartphone before and so everything will be a challenge. I will immediately be keen to download the 3g watchdog to keep an eye on my 500mb of data limit but won't have a clue how to do it. I will also want to do a back up for the phone, if that's possible, before I do anything, so that if I 'mess up' I can plug it into my computer and restore it to its original settings and start again. Is there anywhere at present where I can get this basic information?

    Thanks for your help Phenomen...glad you happen to be online at this time!
  6. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    The forum is a very helpful community, if you ever need any help just ask! I'd recommend 'Stats' over 3G Watchdog. It monitors 3G usage, but also incoming and outgoing texts and phonecalls, and Wifi use. I'll add a few helpful apps to the encyclopaedia when I get time, maybe tomorrow!
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  7. Bertie

    Bertie Active Member

    Thanks again Phenom. Could you perhaps include something very basic on creating a back up of my phone when it arrives, on my computer, and also very basic downloading an app, and where to find 'Stats' as I will probably do that straight away? Not getting phone unti mid to late August, so no rush! I have created a contacts box on gmail, in preparation. Will transferring it over be easy? I want to get a large micro SD card to keep it all on.

    Thanks again

  8. jokerbb101

    jokerbb101 Member

    Hi! I have a few questions regard to the homescreen.

    1. How can I set different wallpaper for each homescreen?

    2. How can i change the icons and i see some of you got really unique ones, where do u get them?

    I am using an unrooted desire with sense UI. it is running Froyo and is unbranded.

  9. stu43

    stu43 New Member

    Very helpful thread, thanks.
    I've just got a desire and I have rather fallen for its charms but one thing is bothering me....whenever I go to the market, it asks me to sign in to google. I don't have a google account but can't find how to separate the market from the google sign-in. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  10. nacatomi

    nacatomi Well-Known Member

    You need to have a google account in order to use the market
  11. stu43

    stu43 New Member

    Thanks for the speedy reply nacatomi.
  12. Magaboo

    Magaboo Member

    I wish that there was a section that would explain in, Minute Detail, how to root the HTC Desire for real noobies. I know that there are many treats regarding rooting, but most are a little to vague for us newbies and often refer to phones other than the Desire. I know that some of the experts will frown on this, but please, try to were once a newbee.
  13. fran3251

    fran3251 New Member

    sorry about this not sure if i am doing this right.But just got a desire and love it but I have question I hope someone might be able to answer please.And here goes should you download an anti virus software for when your on the net.

  14. Shofar

    Shofar Well-Known Member

    How about a Camera FAQ, please.
  15. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    Updated with GPS sections, courtesy of nacatomi. :)
  16. JimmiG

    JimmiG Active Member

    Will connecting to a WiFi AP completely disable 3G/mobile data? Or do I need to manually disable mobile data whenever I connect to a WiFi network for maximum battery life?
  17. twitsai

    twitsai Member

    Thanks a lot guys.. your notes are extremely helpful
  18. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Connecting to wi-fi disables mobile data automatically. You only really need to disable connectivity if you're running low on battery life and can't charge for a while - turning off data, wi-fi, GPS etc and simply using 2G for voice calls and text messages can improve battery life.
  19. speedycolzalez

    speedycolzalez Well-Known Member

    [QUOTE=5.5 I use GPS a lot in my car
  20. phamster

    phamster Active Member

    totally amazing info..

    truly greatful for this info..
  21. Shofar

    Shofar Well-Known Member

    Why is this great post no longer a sticky???

    For the FAQ:
    Bluetooth Keyboards for the Desire

    producing content on the Desire is VERY slow and difficult for me. I am considering a Bluetooth keyboard and would love to have some advice and reports on using them.


  22. Phenomenological

    Phenomenological Well-Known Member

    If I recall there are plenty of issues with bluetooth keyboards on the desire. Something to do with how HTC sets up the bluetooth software on the phone I think, which implies rooting may allow you to use one. But that's all from memory so it may be utter rubbish. :p I think there was a thread about them a month or so ago, a search of the forum might turn something up.
  23. PureLoneWolf

    PureLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Something to maybe add to the Known Problems.

    Calendar App *can* cause massive battery drain

    hxxp:// (couldn't remember if links were allowed)

    I don't take any credit at all for this...I had unbelievable drain...googled around, found this and my battery went from struggling to last 9 hours with moderate use to 24 hours with fairly heavy use.

    It seems that the calendar app (not the widget) keeps running and refuses to let the phone sleep properly.

    Goto the dialler.. type in:

    From the menu that appears, go to Battery History, then change the first drop down to be "Partial Wake Usage"

    If the calendar app has the largest (and full) have the issue.

    Force stop the calendar storage app in Manage Applications and then relaunch it manually (I don't have to do that as I have the widget running...I just view the widget)

    Since then, my battery has been superb
  24. Kumabjorn

    Kumabjorn Member

    I understand that BT Voice Calling thru a BT headset is possible now. A FAQ on dealing with those issues would be immensly appreciated.
  25. karshing

    karshing New Member

    Anyone here knows the size of Desire's internal storage? Mine shows about 147mb. Was wondering if that is the standard and correct internal storage.

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