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  1. resqual

    resqual New Member

    been screening through ebay the follow Weeks trying to find a working stand for my deisre HD.
    The problem is that the guys at HTC was drunk or high when they designed the phone, because they place the AUX output and the bottom of the phone so: if i buy a desk stand i cant plug my phone into my stereo system and play spotify. What should i do? any1 bought a working stand on ebay? or can you tip of one that works. Maybe even give a DIY tip :)

    thanks in advance


  2. KFR42

    KFR42 Member

    My dock has an audi jack in the dockpart which plugs into the audio out so you can plug anything you'd notmally plug into the headphone socket into the backof the dock.
  3. resqual

    resqual New Member

    What dock is that? can it be bought on ebay or any other European store?
  4. KFR42

    KFR42 Member

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