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  1. scocomazzi

    scocomazzi New Member

    Right this is my 1st post so apologies if im bringing up old news

    Got my Desire HD the week it came out in the UK. (Nov 2010)
    Coming from an iphone 4 i didnt really know what to expect but what the heck jumped ship to android (best decision ever)

    Right so the phones been an absolute pleasure (minor battery life issues but i can live with that) - updated the phone with no problems to 2.2.1 still enjoying the phone and all its features up until a week ago................

    For some unknown reason when calling or people calling me the phone has made a decision for me to start EVERY conversation on loudspeaker????

    When calling the phone automatically turns its loudspeaker on straight away!!

    Right 1st stop turn the phone off - result it worked........for all of 3 calls then the problem again

    2nd stop - forums / searching all settings (quite good with tech stuff)
    no joy......

    Rang HTC - told me to reset the phone to factory settings (my response to that was quite colourful as i have alot of stuff saved onto applications for work purposes)

    Getting rather annoyed now - rebooted the phone 2 days ago - 1st phone call came through answered the phone (business call and a f**king important 1 at that) the phone is bouncing from speakerphone to the earpiece id say every 10 seconds or so then lost the call - it dropped its call WTF???? this is meant to be the best phone on the market at time of purchase!!!!!!!!

    Anyway my main aim of this post was to vent my anger and also ask has anyone else had this problem with the Desire HD and what was done about it??

    Also has anyone had good/bad experiences with HTC in regards to length of time of repair/communication etc.....

    (had iphone 4 and small problem - they replaced whole phone on the spot because said it would be an inconvience for me to be without a phone - thats the only thing i miss)

  2. Spirantho

    Spirantho New Member

    Hi Scocomazzi,

    Did you notice this page:
    HTC Desire - Speaker phone problem?
    Seems like you're not the first person to have been through this problem, maybe it can help you find a solution.

    Good luck!
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  3. scocomazzi

    scocomazzi New Member


    Yer i saw this yesterday and its more or less the same problem but mine is now flicking whilst on the phone (close to throwing at the wall loll)

    ive pretty much been through every forum but thought id ask on here as there isnt anything (quick browse) on here about it
  4. Spirantho

    Spirantho New Member

    To be honest I think your best bet is to do the unthinkable - exchange it.
    It sounds very like the problem the other guy had, so if it is related to the USB socket as they suspected, it's going to get worse rather than better.
    Whatever you do, though, I'm afraid they're going to constantly witter on about restoring to factory settings, so you may as well bite the bullet. That way if it still doesn't work you know there's something wrong and you can get it changed under the 1 year warranty you presumably have.

    Look on the bright side, restoring it to its factory defaults won't affect the SD-Card, so it's not like you'll lose everything. If you use your app manager program to back up all your Apps to the SD-Card, you won't have to download them all again either. And if you sync your phone with a computer you won't lose any contacts. Wish I could give you better ideas, sorry!
  5. scocomazzi

    scocomazzi New Member

    Yes thats pretty much exactly what ive done to date, htc said the phone has 24 months warranty (nice little touch!!)

    Now one more grape lol, they said they wouldnt replace the phone unless its been in for repair more than 3 times, now call me silly but that is not the most re-assuring statement they could of made.
    Even more un-reassuring they told me if needed after that they would replace it for a refurb handset?????? I wasnt impressed with this and then my answer was "oh i didnt realise i bought a refurbished handset??" a: "you didnt sir" me: "exactly so what makes you think i want one as a replacement???"

    That is completely wrong if you ask me, thanks for all your help though Spirantho :)
  6. Spirantho

    Spirantho New Member

    No problem, wish I could help more.
    HTC's attitude isn't surprising, though, I'm afraid. It's easy to forget how expensive these phones really are as all the costs are covered by the contract. On the other hand I'm not sure if they're allowed to replace it with a second-hand unit by law, you might want to check that, and if you do get a new one make absolutely sure it's covered by the same 2-year warranty.

    Can you post what happens on here? Can't imagine you're the only one who will ever have this trouble, so the info may come in handy for others.

    Hope it all gets better for you from now on!
  7. stevegs

    stevegs Member

    If it was me I would Google ... Sales of Goods Act ( 1979 I think) . Make a telephone call to who ever sold it to you and quote the act.
    Fit for purpose etc.

    This has worked for me on several occasions even for goods out of warranty. ;)

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