Desire HD vids for Inspire 4G future owners!!

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  2. rpdiddy2709

    rpdiddy2709 Member

    Hello. I'm new here and I've been waiting for the Inspire to come out ever since I seen it for the first time. Also' I'm pretty sure the HTC Desire HD also has the Super LCD screen as well.
    HTC Desire HD With 4.3′ Super LCD

    I also may be incorrect as well. This was before the release of the Desire HD I think.
  3. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    I've been inspired by the Desire HD to get the Inspire. Rhymes, doesn't it?

  4. I stand corrected lol well at least we know phonearena says its the best screen out there
  5. rpdiddy2709

    rpdiddy2709 Member

    Either way I'm about to go nuts waiting to get this phone in my hands and call it mine. AT&T did great in my opinion. I'm really tired of my 3gs. I never would have thought that a phone such as the iPhone would get so boring even after jailbreaking. Also, the Inspire will be my first Android phone, so I'll be asking a few questions about the os I'm sure.
  6. Ask away brother! Also i was in the same boat as you after all four iterations of iphone jailbroken all I got seriously bored. I cant waut for this phone im jonesin!!!
  7. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    One thing I wish it had was an HDMI port (tho it isn't super important, at least it has DNLA for media).

    One big advantage of the Atrix is that it has an HDMI output which can display the entire screen (not just media). I am not much of a gamer but playing mobile games (ie. Angry Birds) on my HDTV could be potentially awesome.

    Also, I am somewhat worried about the battery since it is hard to find an extended battery given the unibody aluminum design. Only one I found for DHD was 1300mAh for $45 which doesn't really seem worth it.

    I was leaning heavily towards this phone but after seeing these vids, Atrix is back in play for me. Gonna wait til both releases and see them side by side. Might even wait to see how good the Atrix modding community is and whether or not they can find a way to get the phone rooted, the non-market apps installed easily (so I can use Titanium) and the wifi hotspot/tethering features unlocked.

    Btw, thanks for the vids Andrea.
  8. rpdiddy2709

    rpdiddy2709 Member

    Is rooting as easy as jailbreaking?
  9. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Depends on the phone. Usually for HTC phones they are (even many one-click root apps out there which can work)
  10. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    The Xperia X10 took months to figure out how to get rooted as did the Backflip.
  11. No problem :) I am sorry these vids steered you away. I read a bunch on the battery and it seems as though many people make it a good twelve hours before recharge
  12. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Well, no one can say for sure yet... everything we have is speculation as far as battery life goes. Only once we get the phone in our hands is when we can speak of battery life. And as with every device, the use by each person will dictate the battery life... you know, brightness, movie watching, yadda yadda yadda...

    I still remember hearing horror stores about iPhone users and their really bad battery life... I never had an issue, and I use it A LOT!!!

    We'll see come Feb 13/14... it'll be a good day for us all.
  13. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member


    1250mAh seems kind of on the smallish side. I do like the power management menu in the settings bar (the guy in the first video mentioned that it is on all Android devices but I do not see it on my Liquid which is on FroYo so I am guessing that he was mistaken and that is is a Sense UI thing).

    My Liquid has a 1350mAh battery but it only has a 3.5" screen (also WVGA like the Inspire). I barely get a day out of it if I get that much (I do carry around some type of power supply almost everywhere I go, mostly using my car charger). Then again, I always have 3G or WiFi on at all times, brightness always cranked up to the highest setting (have trouble seeing otherwise), and there is a good chance that HTC has better power management than Acer (tho the team which created the ROM I am running on does have better power management than stock, I think). And I use my phone quite often (randomly surf the web, phone pretty much acts as my MP3 player (which is why Dolby Mobile is a huge plus, I used to have Dolby on my Liquid, wasn't completely stable since it wasn't supposed to be on my phone, and it does make a huge difference), constantly checking/responding to e-mail/texts, occasional sessions of Angry Birds between classes)

    The Evo has a 1500mAh battery and I have heard users of that phone complaining (tho I wouldn't be surprised if the newer Sense has better power management tools).

    If you can link me to some posts about the DHD battery life, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  15. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Interesting, thanks.

    I did forget the fact that my Liquid/the Evo has the old generation of Snapdragon which has processors that use 65nm of power

    While the the DHD/Inspire has the new generation of Snapdragon proccsors that use 45nm of power.

    This should translate to better battery life.

    Really is a tough decision, glad I am lucky enough to be on AT&T and have this decision to make.
  16. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    People think the only reason to be on AT&T is, and will be the iPhone.

    First of all, I am the happiest with the quality of customer service that I get through Big Blue. Every single issue I've had, be it with hardware or telecommunications service, has been handled with the best care possible.

    Sure, their prices for plans may be higher than the rest, and they may not have the absolute killer devices not called iPhone, but to me, it's worth it to stay with AT&T because I feel I am treated like a valued customer. HELL, I know I am valued, because they're allowing me to upgrade early... 14 months into a 2 year contract.

    They continue to make me a happy customer. And by getting this phone, they will have me for at least another 2 years.
  17. YouGotRedOnYou

    YouGotRedOnYou Well-Known Member

    You know, I'm very content with AT&T. My wife and I were on T-MO for about 5 years, and I left for the iPhone. She stayed on T-MO. I was happy enough on big blue to get her to leave. She ended up getting the iPhone 4, and she's happy now. Before, she constantly complained about the craptastic service of T-MO cell connectivity. Not any more!

    I'm excited about this phone, and am trying very hard to be patient for it. This is no easy task with such awesome teaser videos out there to watch.
  18. I'm completely satisfied with AT&T and I have been there since the pre cingular original AT&T days never had an issue and my girlfriend and sister both defected from verizon because of issues with them
  19. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Well-Known Member

    at&t for life!!! lol. Maybe we all should get at&t tattoos...

  20. mbranscum

    mbranscum Well-Known Member

    The Desire has a 1400 battery and the AT&T phone with same size screen will have a 1250-1290 battery. Hell the Captivate does pretty good, but I still have to watch the power at the end of the day with a 1500 battery. For a 4.3 inch Android device that's a very, very small battery. Be sure and get some extra batteries and some additional chargers.

    I will be very surprised if owners don't end up having to charge more that once per day with more than light use in a 3G area.

    I do not want to have to do that. I really wish they would have put a 1500 battery on it.

    Even in the first video above, they express concern with the 1400 battery saying it was crapping out by 5 pm sometimes!
  21. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Well-Known Member

    The inspire/desire also run on a much more practical and efficient processor. It's power consumption is a lot lower than the Evo and captivate.

    Most people seem to find that, with optimizing, the Desire HD is pretty good battery wise. I'm assuming that will be the case with the Inspire as well.
  22. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    I'm so new to the Android OS, I don't own one yet... so I am doing all the reading I can on how to optimize this phone as much as possible.

    But it's tough to do the research when I don't have the device in my hand yet. All that will change in about 2 weeks.

    My first goal is to rid the phone of all the garbage apps in it, and tweak the power settings and what not.

    Once that is done, I will look further into rooting, or other options. We'll see... I'm excited to get this phone.
  23. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Well-Known Member

    The biggest problem most DHD owners seemed to report was with a built in skype app if I remember correctly. once they got rid of that, things became a lot better. There also was a way to charge it the first time you went to charge it that also apparently had fantastic battery results, but I can't really confirm that that is true or not (obviously).
  24. HustlinDaily

    HustlinDaily Well-Known Member

    Only way to get rid of the garbage apps is rooting. They are all in the /system/app which cannot be removed unless you have Superuser access (Linux term for administrative access). Rooting basically gives you that access.
  25. Loiselle

    Loiselle Well-Known Member

    Well... I guess I'll have to learn to root. I must get rid of all the garbage apps. My older brother has a Moto Droid X with so much absolute garbage on it, it make me sick. So... time to turn to the community. Do you think a Desire HD ROM is out there that is bare bones stock, but minus all the garbage?

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