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Desire HD Wont boot upSupport

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  1. nikkikyc

    nikkikyc New Member


    I am a devotee to all things android and HTC, but my beloved DESIRE HD is having some sort of mid contract crisis.
    I used it in the morning and when I took it out of my bag an hour later.it was.off, wouldn't switch on so I went into Bootloader and got it back. 5 hours later its gone again. Battery was freshly charged and all. I've tried everything, it just lights up and flicks between the T-Mobile and HTC screens. Hadn't dropped it, got it wet or anything. It did miraculously boot up when I went into carphone warehouse to get them to look at it and again after it switched off and.I threatened to switch to an iPhone lol
    Can anyone advise me? I love it and don't want to replace it.

    Thank you

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Is there any chance you can try it with another battery? Is it charging?
  3. Sails

    Sails Member

    If you have insurance or if the phone is in warranty I suggest you try and get if fixed using those options. Otherwise you can get it tested with someone else who has the same phone..the battery could be one the reasons why its turning itself off. I'm not sure if a factory reset will solve the issue. I think you should backup everything on your phone when you get the chance, in case you have to do such things.
  4. brikka

    brikka New Member

    Try press volume down button and then power. It may work.

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