Desire, no screen-lock after hang up?

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  1. gergohad

    gergohad Member


    Scenario: Biking with HTC desire in my pocket. Screen lock on, I get a call. I answer using the headset, and explain to the caller that my HTC Desire is fantastic. Caller is an iPhone user. Caller hangs up on me. I bike home, take my phone out and notice: screen is unlocked and I am about to pocket-call/pocket e-mail someone.

    Is it possible that there is no setting which turns the screen-lock on automatically after a call? The only solution I have found is to use the "pattern lock" function, which would be fine if I could disable the "slider". But I can't.

    The pattern-lock comes on automatically after the hang-up, but having it on makes it really annoying to unlock the phone: power button + slider + pattern-lock.

    I would appreciate some help if any of you have any ideas!

  2. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    No ideas?
  3. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Same annoying problem here. It doesn't even make sense. It has to be some bug. Interesting thing is that nobody has complained about this.
  4. joll200x

    joll200x Member

    i've noticed this too - although i've only noticed it using bluetooth in the car
  5. charliehowes

    charliehowes Well-Known Member

    Mine does it too.
    Not sure if it's something to do with touch screen phones but my Samsung Pixon used to do the same and my girlfriends LG also does it.
  6. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Well, if you apply a draw pattern, you can work around this particular "biking" problem. But I don't get that such an advanced middleware like the Android is misprogrammed this way. This is an ancient kind of practice that if the screen is locked before called, it should stay that way. I wouldn't expect such a low level problem here. I'm very curious about the 2.2 Android version acts like. It's being said that it'll be officially released end of June this year to the HTC Desire.
    Maybe a 2.2 user already out there who could comment this?
  7. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    Well, at least I'm happy that you guys have verified this issue on your phones too (for a while I thought I was the only one with the "biking" problem).

    The pattern lock workaround works, but its absolutely not optimal: for starters, as I mentioned before its annoying to "access" the phone (which I do pretty often), secondly when I get off my bike and pull out my phone I usually get the following "welcome message":

    "You have incorrectly drawn your unlock pattern 5 times [using your pants while biking]"... :)
  8. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    Correction: I am thankful that you verified the problem, not happy ;-)
  9. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    I wonder if it's only related to the htc desire or the android. If not the latter, we won't get any further here. We should rather contact Htc, shouldn't we. Does anyone from Htc read these comments? I think there are a lot of problems after hanging up a call. Sometimes the screen goes blank, the lock pattern doesn't even come up a few times. I'm always disappointed when some fundamental functions are lacking. These shouldn't be buggy at all. The phone functions belong to the main fields on these gadgets.
    Anyone contacted Htc yet?
  10. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    Why do you think its an HTC problem? I thought the only (software) difference between the Desire and for instance, the N1, is the launcher (HTC Sense) plus some preinstalled apps and widgets of course.

    Now I'm using Launcher Pro on my desire instead of HTC sense and the same problem persists. This makes me think that its an Android 2.1 issue. Or is HTC Sense more than a launcher?

    I have another bike related issue (maybe I should post it in a different thread): Does answering a call through the headset-button work flawlessly for you? For me it doesn't! Sometimes, the call is accepted after one press but sometimes I need to press the button twice or three times....
  11. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I also have that second problem of yours. But since I'm using a "third party" music player (because the the preinstalled ones suck - missing equalizer, poor bass), I thought it was the source of that problem. Now I'm not so sure anymore :)
    Why Htc? Honestly just a deduction. There are many Android 2.1 users. There has to be fewer Htc Desire owners. If it were an Android issue, it would be widely propagated. I've seen the reporting of this particular problem around here only. Attached to Desire. You think, Htc is just a bunch of user space tools and apps? Look at your kernel version in the about phone - software information...
  12. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    I think I'll leave this be till 2.2. If nothing changes on this fundamental level, I will see myself an iPhone, which I never did before ;-)
  13. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    Well, about HTC sense, I was under the impression that it was just apps, widgets + the launcher. I'll take your word for that its more then that, though...

    About problem no. 2, I also use a 3rd party music player (mort player), so maybe that is the problem...
  14. rod9669

    rod9669 Well-Known Member

    Which one are you using instead?
  15. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Audioplayer WithEQ Platinum. Not the best user interface but excellent music quality and equalizer functions. A bit disappointing that such an advanced software lacks a modern music player. I bought a Sony Ericsson S700i six years ago. Today's gadgets still can't beat its sound quality, sad to admit that it had cost more than the Desire today.
  16. gergohad

    gergohad Member

    Problem nr 2 (unstable headset button answering), is solved. Works perfectly when I use Astro Player Beta.
  17. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, good to hear that.
    One more thing. We might only be having this biking problem because - I suppose - we use a larger value for the lock screen timeout. Mine is 2 minutes 'cause I'm reading ebooks regularly. Better would be if I could set the lock screen timeout for that particular ebook reader when in foreground. Unfortunately that's not possible so I have to do it in general.
  18. glebn

    glebn New Member

    I constantly find my Desire unlocked and in progress with some mailing, messaging or reconfiguring on my behalf when I retrieve it from my pocket.

    Propably it unlocks in conjunction with some alert or notification. It's really annoying.

    The screen seems to register input from the leg through the fabric of the pocket so facing the screen outwards in the pocket reduces the problem slightly I think.

    But please fix this HTC, it can lead to some embarrising situations :)
  19. obones

    obones Member

    Has anyone found a solution for this?
  20. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Kidding? :)
    We hope that some things will change in the next release of Android. If not, we'll wait for the one after that and so on...
    My biggest all-time problem is not the fact that nothing's perfect. The problem is that all the fundamental issues are somehow hidden behind the fancy stuff that is being developed in the mainstream. If me and the people like me could be aware of these flaws, we would just skip the purchase of these gadgets. Although I've been waiting for this kind of a device for a long time (I kept myself back buying some useless stuff). And what can I say? There are still a lot of flaws in this device too. It's like the one who's programming it wouldn't use it, nor would they read these lines either :)
    I would be very embarassed if Samsung would outpace HTC in the multimedia area but it will happen, now I know it. It won't be our fault since we're still buying these devices with their problems (which we entirely aren't aware of). I'm just a little bit disappointed, because I would've expected a bit more from this advanced gadget. And I still hope it's the software's fault (<=Android 2.1).
  21. speedycolzalez

    speedycolzalez Well-Known Member

    KeepScreen enables you to disable screen timeout for specific applications.

    was just Googling this and it seems that X10 owners have exactly the opposite problem :confused:
  22. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    Yes but they are calling out, and not receive calls.
    Keepscreen isn't okay for me, since I read ebooks or some stuff on web before falling to sleep and it happens quite often that I do. I don't want it operate till morning :)
    Keepscreen should be customized to assign a screen timeout to an application. That would be okay for me already.
  23. obones

    obones Member

    Couldn't we use the proximity sensor to disable the touch screen while the phone is in a pocket ?
  24. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    It should be logical for everything since no one's willing to press soft buttons while phone's on the ear or some other surfaces.
  25. copas2

    copas2 Well-Known Member

    It should be logical for everything since no one's willing to press soft buttons while phone's on the ear or some other surfaces.
    I've seen that HTC has added the proximity sensor so it's not an Android feature. HTC should tilt the touch screen when sensing proximity.

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