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    HTC Desire Index

    Last Update: 2011/3/4


    Rooted Stock Roms:
    HTC Froyo 2.2 ROM
    Stock HTC Froyo 2.2 ROM
    Pre-Rooted Stock HTC 2.2 Froyo
    Pre-Rooted Modded HTC 2.2 Froyo
    Pre-Rooted Stock HTC 2.2 Froyo

    GingerBread Roms:
    Ginger Villain - 1.4
    Oxygen - 2.0-RC7
    Redux - 1.0.2
    CyanogenMod 7 - Nightly
    CyanogenMod - 7.0.0-RC1
    Amethyst - RC8

    Sense HD Roms:
    Cool Z - 1.85b
    New Sense HD - 3.0.1
    RCMixHD - 3.0
    SuperVillainHD - 0.2
    ReflexTSense - 1.8
    Expresso Sense HD - 2.1
    iNsertCoin HD/Z - 1.9.5
    Alex-V Sense HD - 2.3
    PaYs Sense HD - 1.1
    Avaritia HD - 0.7

    Sense Roms:
    AuraxTSense - 8.4
    LeeDrOiD - 2.3d
    Lambros Custom Rom - 4.0
    Alex-V OTA Froyo Sense - 2.3
    PINKY Desire - 1.8
    Pays-ROM Froyo Sense - 2.2
    DJ Droid - 1.9
    VillainROM - 1.0
    MCR - Modaco Custom Rom - 9
    StarBurst - 1.2.0

    MIUI Roms:
    MIUI - AU - 1.11.22
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe™ MIUIMOD - 2
    MIUI - J-Style - 12.17
    MIUI - 0.12.31
    MIUI [EN/FR/CA/DE] 12.03
    PaYS gMIUI - 1.2

    CDMA/USCC Roms:
    MIUI 12.3.1
    MIUI for Desire C
    HTC Desire C ROMS
    CyanogenMOD 6.1.1 Desire C
    HTC Desire Froyo 2.2 with Sense UI
    CyanogenMOD Nightlies
    The Ultimate Droid v2.5.0
    Gingerbread *Experimental*

    Sense Kernels:
    RichardTrip v5f
    Vork Kernel
    Sense USB-Host Kernel
    Sense Kernel
    Coutts99's Sense Kernel
    the-fallen's Sense Kernel

    AOSP Kernels:
    Vork Kernel
    Coutts99's AOSP Kernel

    AmonRA 2.0.0 GSM

    Useful Links

    AlphaRev Thread
    How to S-OFF your HTC Desire
    Use S-OFF to Resize NAND Partitions
    S-OFF Guide by AndroidGX


    Turkey's Ultimate guide to Root! (v42.1.1)
    Root your Desire with UnrEVOked
    Danfrance's Rooting FAQ
    Danfrance's Apps2SD+ FAQ

    Android Flasher:
    Recovery, Boot Animations, Boot Splashes

    Downgrading Froyo (2.2) to Eclair (2.1)[ANY HBOOT/WIN/MAC/LINUX/ROOT]
    Enable/Disable Ad-block [ROOTED ROM]
    Coloured Logcat for ADB (LINUX)
    Colour Calibration
    USB Brick Fix
    ADB File Manager
    AuraxTSense Wiki
    FastBoot Commander
    Wake up Options
    [TOOL][All devices & OS] Fastboot Commander [v.1.0][UPD 18 NOV 2010] - xda-developers
    [DATA2SD] More space (and more I/O) for your Desire (New version/EXT4/Flashable ZIP) - xda-developers

    Data2SD v2


    Latest radio: [LATEST:] [1/11/10] [Now Signed]

    Online Kitchens

    ROM Kitchen Cook Desire ROMS Online [ONLINE]
    Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen Cook Desire THEMES Online [ONLINE] (Thanks avreen/MENDOZINAS/+Many More)
    Offline ROM Kitchen dsixda's HTC Android Kitchen [OFFLINE]

    Development Discussions

    Porting HTC Desire Camera to Sense HD ROMS --------> Working. 720p is currently not functional.
    Desire Z System Dump and Kernels -----------------------> Desire Z Port is now operational.
    Data2btrfs Developer Discussion -----------------------> Not yet implemented, not yet flashable

    Mods & Themes

    Super Circle Battery MOD
    Proxy Support [HTTP/HTTPS]
    SNQ's 4-in-1 Reboot menu [SENSE roms ONLY]
    SNQ's 4-in-1 Reboot menu [SENSE HD roms ONLY]
    SD-Card Speed fix for SENSE roms


    Thanks to fllash from the xda forums for writing the original guide.
    His post can be found here.

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    Great point of reference for everything you may or may not need.

    Good stuff.
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    is there a checksum for the latest radio?
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    This thread needs to be stickied surely?
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    PM a mod or guide and ask them to incluse it in the sticky. It is a handy thread for those who are not familiar with XDA forums.

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    Might take traffic away from this site though... ;)
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    Hmm, anyone know if there is a way to edit the title of a thread?

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    You can't unfortunately. Again a mod or guide could, if you asked.
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    I'd tried that already, I was just wondering if there are any obscure un-obvious ways of doing it :p

    I was going to update it every time I updated the guide, I don't think the mods and guides would enjoy being pestered about it constantly :p
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    They've got nothing better to do than hang in the mod forum and drink beer! ;)
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    True. Would be good in the sticky though...
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    Check my sigi. Leedroid mini has a bunch of checksums also.
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    Don't think anyone saw this but the OP is now able to edit their titles :)

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    Awesome :D
  23. any ideas how to get orginal ruus for the desire i want to take it back to htc under warranty i bought the phone off some1 and there changed the phones software but need to replce files any help
  24. Jammy

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  25. how can u tell which 1 is for your phone

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