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Desire S Accounts & Sync problemSupport

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  1. Caxton

    Caxton New Member

    I cuurently have 6 POP email accounts set up. I need to change the outgoing server settings as my ISP is changing them shortly. When I go into Settings>Accounts & Sync, two problems are apparent:
    1) Only three of my POP email accounts are visible (though all six work fine)
    2) When I tap on any of the three visible accounts to bring up the options, under Account Settings, I only have the options for General Settings, Send & Receive and Notification Settings. There is no option to amend server settings.

    I have managed to amend the server on the three visible ones simply by deleting the account and reinstalling it with the new settings (which work) but I can't do anything with the other three acounts. Anybody got any idea what's gone wrong and how I fix it?

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi Caxton and welcome to Android Forums. Try accessing your mail accounts from the mail widget or softkey. Once open hit your menu key>account list. You should now see all of your pop accounts. Click each account in turn and then menu>settings and you should see the options to manage each account. I hope this helps. Have fun and thanks for using these forums.

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