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desire s - new microSD issue - formatting? help!Tips

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  1. rmsn686

    rmsn686 New Member

    hi all, new to the forum and new to owning an android. also using a macbook pro. was worried this may be an issue but a couple of tech savvy friends do the same and haven't had any major issues. up until last night i hadn't either...

    but now i'm having an problem with a new 32 gig microSD (kingston). the previous 8 gig card was working great - no issues at all. was using iSyncr to sync to itunes. all good. last night i transferred all the old contents over to the mac, formatted the new card using the phone and... after about 2 hours of messing around (both the phone and the mac seemed to have intermittant issues recognising the card after mounting), managed to transfer everything bar the music over to the new SD.

    so all appeared to be working. then i ran iSyncr, commenced the playlist sync and again, it was all in working order. as there's a lot of music to shift over i left it over night and woke to find an error within isyncr. was planning to get in touch with them with the error but thought i'd try the whole thing again. now the phone isn't recognising the microSD. i tried erasing data... worked. then it asked me if i wanted to format it (on the phone) but when i tried it said "invalid file system".

    i'm a n00b when it comes to this stuff so i have no idea what to do next. what are my options for formatting this thing and trying to get it going? i have an old windows pc laying around that i can use to format it if that helps?

    would massively appreciate any help. was feeling so good about my new phone last night until this problem came along. boo!

    edit: just a quick follow up- i've tried formatting the SD in windows (fat32) and it's giving me a "windows was unable to format this disk" error... do i just have a bung microSD?

  2. notebook

    notebook Well-Known Member

    Where did you buy it from? There are many fakes on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

    You can go some way to see if you bought a fake or see whether the card can be resurrected by downloading a program for Windows called h2testw.

    If it shows problems, then you could use the h2testw report for a refund.
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  3. rmsn686

    rmsn686 New Member

    hmm. now the SD isn't recognised by anything (phone, windows pc, mac), so i can't even run h2testw (thanks for the suggestion though notebook). will contact vendorrrrr.

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