Desire S Speech To Text/emailTips

  1. softsorter

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    found this by accident !

    In normal mode the qwerty letters are quite close and a miss or two is easy done ! so I was using landscape which is a lot better

    I happened to see the mic icon on the android keyboard mmmhh ? pressed it and up came a speak now box ? jesus this looks good so in my cornish accent said a short text message and it was word perfect ! heck this is good and works really fast as well.

    Ok i'm hooked now on android phones well v2.3.3 gingerbread

    the mic will be greyed out until either you have data turned on or wifi, it works on the google voice server update, so needs either to be on

    also works on emails

    Sorry if I'm covering ground regulars here already know, but I'm new to android and maybe this will help someone new to android desire s out

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    Dear softsorter,
    Thanks so much for posting last year about the speech to text / email facility on the HTC Desire S.
    I'm only now having to cross over from dumb to smartphone, and I've already sent back my HTC Desire because texting was so bad and the battery life was shocking, and I'm due to receive my Desire S in 2 days' time which I trust will make a difference on the battery front but not on the texting front, so your posting was a big relief to me. Can I just ask what you mean in your tip when you say 'data needs to be on'?
    Thanks very much!
  3. softsorter

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    I only posted it may 27th 2011 as phone is new to me.

    In settings data needs to be turned on or wifi without either one the speech to text wont work.

    3 tips on battery install the widget to control screen brightness (running mine 18%) switch on/off wigi and gps improves battery life, mines doing 2.5days on normal usage (no Games) texts calls and market / wifi.

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