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Desire Standby - Won't WakeSupport

  1. DeltaOscar

    DeltaOscar Member

    Hello everyone. I have an issue with my desire where, on battery, when I put it on standby, it won't wake up. It's like it is off, but pressing any buttons results in no response, no button lights or anything. However when it is in charge it wakes up like normal.

    Please can someone advise on this.

    Thank you

    Android Version:
    Stock Froyo 2.2 (latest update)

    Network: 3 UK (Hutchinson)

    Taskiller Used?: No

    [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: I did root on stock rom, using unrevoked 3.32 but have restored it to stock using teppic's tool to flash hboot, and re-update.

    Issue: Device won't wake from standby after pressing the power button. It is blank with no reponse at all. I had this issue a day after rooting, it randomly occured, and since, re-flashing back has not fixed it.

  2. helenfoz

    helenfoz Member

    Hi there

    Did you manage to fix this problem? Im having the same problem with mine. Would be interested in finding out if you have found a way to fix it!


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