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  1. kikeron

    kikeron New Member

    Hello all,

    Ok, I am really tired looking for a solution for this and it seems that I cannot find anything :(

    I have a Desire A8181 untouched. That means, no intervention, no root, nothing. The OS was 2.2. I said "was" because I decided to upgrade it to Gingerbread after reading . Dashes are there for the posts limitation :(

    I followed the instructions to the letter and after the reboot my phone stuck at the white screen buzzing once and other times even 7 times :S I used the Vol Down button to get into the fast boot menu, I used connected the USB cable again and tried to do the procedure again. The RUU seemed to recognize the phone's OS as 2.3.3, it tried to upgrade it (obviously it did nothing since it was upgraded already) and after reboot I got the same problems.

    I then decided (aka read somewhere) to remove the battery for 1-2 minutes and the phone booted :S I started doing the setup again (language, wifi, gmail account etc) and when I finished all steps it rebooted and started doing the same again. That means, white screen, buzzing once, waiting there, blank, white screen, buzzing one and so on.

    Now, the day after tomorrow I am leaving for vacation and I will need my phone operational. Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance

  2. kikeron

    kikeron New Member

    Oh, for the guys that may ask "why did you touch your phone", the answer is that it kept rebooting unexpectedly when using internet apps. Randomly...
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Shame about the timing as I suspect that it may need to go back to HTC. If you boot the phone while pressing the volume down key, which takes you into the bootloader, does it say PVT1 by any chance? I ask because if so the random reboot while using internet (i.e. when under load) may be the overheating problem that some older ones suffer, and that's a hardware problem.

    As for where you are now, don't have many suggestions. If you select recovery from the bootloader menu you should be able to erase data/factory reset, which may help but I have my doubts. Or you can do the battery pull again, maybe for longer (see end of post). There are tricks for downgrading but I've never used them and can't easily search & link atm as am using a phone app. Those might let you revert to older software (what network, if the phone was branded?) but I don't remember whether you need a working phone to do them.

    As you'll have seen above, I suspect the real problem may be hardware. If you leave the battery out for a more extended period, to let the phone cool, do you have any more luck?
  4. kikeron

    kikeron New Member

    First of all, thanks for your answer. Yes it is indeed PVT1. And I, too, suspect the heat thingy since when I let it cool (well, with battery off as well) it can reboot. After some use using facebook or browsing it can crash again. The same can happen when I scroll something fast like photos from gallery or even people list. I am really angry. This was supposed to be a very good device (I have it for two years now) and all I got are problems if I try to do anything else than ... speak to the phone. And then we ask ourselves why people give money to get an iphone....

    Thanks again.
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    The crucial question is whether you've had it just under 2 years or just over? At least in the UK the phone has a 2 year warranty, so if you are under then HTC will replace the motherboard for you.

    Crashing when scrolling fast is one I've not heard of before - that is bad! I also have a PVT1 device, but so far haven't had the problem...

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