Desire Z 2.3.3 - Z4Root (Any Suggestions?)

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  1. guitarboy

    guitarboy New Member

    Hey Guys.
    Im Interested in Rooting my Desire Z. I bought it with 2.2 and now upgraded to 2.3.3 which is very patchy.

    Anyway, i got to know about this easy rooting app Z4Root. I would like to know if anyone has used it to root the upgraded 2.3.3 on the Desire Z / G2.

    Also does it Unroot back to Original on Desire Z? Which version is the best 1.1 or 1.3?

    Or if you suggest me to use a better method, Please guide me to it!

  2. estonia

    estonia New Member

    Hey, did you try one of these methods or managed to root it in any other way? I just bought also Desire Z with 2.3.3

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