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Desire's not responding and booting in safe modeSupport

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  1. edwardmlyte

    edwardmlyte Well-Known Member

    Last night, my phone was fine before I plugged it in to charge. This morning. No alarm went off. The screen was extremely jerky when I was trying to browse through music. And then random bits of screen were being "pressed" when I was tyring to do anything. Rebooted it, no change. Now the bottom cm or so of screen stops responding to ANY finger presses. Thus making it impossible for me to get into settings menu. But it IS responsive with the notification bar (ie you can drag it down near the bottom and jiggle it around the area which I can no longer press)
    I've got launcher pro, which updated last night automatically. So I have everything on its launcher bar, now I can't get to anything. (How do I create a shortcut to the list of all apps?).
    Now when I reboot the phone its in safe mode with sense and the bottom cm is still unresponsive.
    Getting a bit annoyed now as its making everything a bitch to do and I can't reinstall Froyo til I get home from work. Anyone had similar issues?

  2. edwardmlyte

    edwardmlyte Well-Known Member

    Managed to flukily get into settings so I could uninstall any new apps. All working now. Whew!

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