Desk Dock for MAXX?Tips

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  1. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Well-Known Member

    Is there a Desk Dock Avail for this phone?

    I am thinking it would be nice to have for me for use as an alarm clock

  2. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member
  3. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Well-Known Member

    Thanks when I looked this am for some reason I could not find it
  4. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Well-Known Member

    I get a page not found error from that link...
  5. scfoxman

    scfoxman New Member

  6. SNeitzel

    SNeitzel Well-Known Member

    Cutting and pasting I still get..

    Page is not currently available

    There has been an error in processing your request. Using the Back button on your browser and resubmitting your request may solve the problem. If you are still not successful, please Contact Us for assistance.
  7. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Well-Known Member

    The link was for a griffin dock, keeps the phone in portrait ands $39.99
  8. CKwik240

    CKwik240 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if the link didn't work. I posted it from my phone through the phandroid app. Just go to the vzw website and filter for the max use accessories. It should be under docks and chargers. Might also be on griffin's site as well.
  9. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    For some reason links to products on the VZW store do not work. So, to see this products, go onto Verizon Wireless's web page (on a computer, not on your phone.) Log into your account. Go to shop, and, under accessories, choose chargers and docks.

    Unfortunately, the web site is generally not smart enough to know that you wnat to see a dock for your phone, so use "shop by device" to choose the Droid Maxx. THen you should see the Griffin dock.

    Or, look on Griffin's web site: PowerDock for Motorola Droid Mini, Droid Ultra, and Droid Maxx | Griffin Technology
  10. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

  11. Outatime

    Outatime Well-Known Member Contributor

  12. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

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