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  1. wizdawg

    wizdawg New Member

    Is there a dock that will fit my Epic 4G Touch with the TPU case from


  2. JCampbell

    JCampbell Well-Known Member

  3. wizdawg

    wizdawg New Member

  4. JS_racer

    JS_racer Member

    i got the att deal for the home and car dock. took a dremel and removed a little from the dock. it works great, just trim and test. don't think i would pay $50 for it, but for a handful of pocket change it works great. it now fits my tpu case and my sprint kickstand case too. i use it every day.
  5. wizdawg

    wizdawg New Member

    Did it take a lot of trimming to fit?

    Are you saying you used a at&t dock on your sprint phone? Can you send me a link to the dock you were able to trim to fit your phone + case? Thanks!
  6. JS_racer

    JS_racer Member

    not sure the link, not sure if its still around. it was like 18$ for the car and home dock from at&t.

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