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  1. bruce73

    bruce73 Well-Known Member

    I'm in the market for a desktop dock. I could just get HTC's OEM version for around $40, but was wondering if there are any other ones out there that would be just as good and more affordable. Amazon has one for $18, but the reviews weren't stellar.

  2. chall80

    chall80 Well-Known Member

    my biggest problem is the otterbox commuter that my phone rides in...don't get me wrong...i hate the bulkiness of that case, but i have proven time and again that i'm too rough for less case. It doesn't appear that the case will work with either, so i'm without...
  3. Phatsub

    Phatsub Member

    I'm expecting my Amazon dock and Otterbox Defender case to arrive in a couple days. I'll post a review once I've had a chance to use them.
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  4. Phatsub

    Phatsub Member

    The dock came today and let me say that I'm glad I only paid $18 instead of $30ish. Connecting the phone to the dock is not as smooth and easy as one would think, it takes a bit of wiggling to get on just right. Once it's on properly, you'll see the red charging indicator light come on the phone. The one I bought has an adapter that can be removed so I can leave the case on my phone, so that's nice. It comes with a power only cable and a data transfer cable that will also charge via your pc. I'm only using the power only cable. One thing I notice is that the green light is on on the dock which means the battery is completely charged, but the phone is saying that the battery is only at 98%. That is my tentatively complete review for now. Another note, I wouldn't recommend this dock for charging only, but for data synching, yes.
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