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  1. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    when my phone is up for 10+ hours, the entire desktop seems to freeze

    none of the widgets are updated (battery widget, digital time, weather bug, etc) they are just stuck at the status when they froze

    also the quick setting widget is frozen but still working; when i press the wifi button the icon doesn't change but the wifi does turn on

    i can restart the phone and everything is back to normal so its not too biggie but its a little annoying i guess..

    anyone with the same issue?

    p.s. running the latest adw launcher

  2. KingDong

    KingDong Well-Known Member

    Drain the battery then start again, or restore the phone?
  3. dpk0875

    dpk0875 Active Member

    Just gotta restart, no need for draining before restart

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