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  1. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone knows the total resolution of the 3-screen desktop. I want to make wallpapers that perfectly fit the 3-screen desktop

  2. MrVeezo

    MrVeezo Member

    The resolution is 480 x 854
  3. luke318is

    luke318is Well-Known Member

    But isn't that the resolution of 1 screen? The desktop spans 3screens, does it not?
  4. rudra

    rudra New Member

    960 X 854 Read somewhere in this forum that it is something like this :p

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  5. Fishermandan

    Fishermandan New Member

    That's a great question, and a great answer, no more squashed pics!

    A tip from me for wallpapers - try to get the interesting bits (e.g. people, animals, buildings etc.) on either side of a central uncluttered part of background, then it makes it much more intuitive to want to scroll left or right.

    Not sure that makes sense until you try it!

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