desperate for some answers. all help would be greatly appreciated

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  1. the-scientist

    the-scientist New Member

    Nexus S questions (custom ROMS and rooting) All help would be greatly appreciated
    hey. just got me a nexus s (unlocked)few days back. pretty satisfied. before i get started, this is my first android phone. I previously used a jailbroken iphone 3gs and was somewhat frustrated by the restriction. being an aspiring android geek, i have a few questions about rooting and custom rom.

    Does rooting void warranty?
    Do you need to root to install a custom ROM?
    Does installing a custom ROM void warranty ?
    If i root/custom rom, will i still get software updates without having to restore and lose everything and put it back after updating?
    What are the risks of custom roms/rooting
    if there is a problem, can i fix my phone by restoring similar to the iphone?
    is custom ROM/rooting hard?

    these probably seem like noob questions etc but i really need this. i have done google searches but everyone seems to be saying different things.

    All answers would be greatly hekpful

  2. nnamcha

    nnamcha Member

    It's easy to restore and to lock back.

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