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    Dec 16, 2009
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    New to the forum, but loving it so far. About to capitalize hard on everything you fine genius's offer. Thanks in advance.

    I'm having a problem desynching my Outlook Calender from my Droid Eris calender. I synched them together yesterday hesitantly, and now I defenitely want to go back and desynch. My business calender is way too cluttered for me to have on my personal device. Reminders and notifications every 1/2 hour, when I sit and stare at my Outlook calender at my desk office all day anyway.

    I have already unchecked the synch Outlook calender under the Data Synchronization --> Exchange ActiveSync --> Calender... Though when i re-boot, it often re-checks it for me, without my control.

    I have cleared the data from both calender applications under Manage Applications --> AND Calender (both applications in my manage folder, i have cleared data to. My calender will temporarily clear itself. But it always comes back.

    Maybe the area where it's having a problem,, is when i power down and re-boot, the system keeps checking the Calender sync option under Exhange ActiveSync.

    Can anybody help me with this problem?


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