Desyncing/remove apps from my apps list when switching to new phone?

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    Feb 20, 2013
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    Hello, nice to meet everyone. I recently took the plunge and switched to android (traded my iphone4s to my mom for her xperia ion, not the best trade i know) and i find it a very refreshing change.

    I just have one question because im a bit of a neat freak. So this phone has a lot of system apps from my carrier that synced to my google account. So now its showing up in my app list on the google play store and i cant simply uninstall the app from the phone and remove it from my list of apps like i can with other apps.

    im fine with that for now because im using the phone but if i decide to switch to a different carrier phone or a nexus phone, will i be able to remove those apps from my list of apps on the play store? I dont like seeing all of these apps that i dont use and have no intention of reinstalling


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