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  1. katysandroid

    katysandroid New Member

    I've purchased a generic netbook running on Android. I'm unhappy with it for a number of reasons, but it was sold as being Android 2.1, yet when I look in Settings > About device > Firmware version, it says "1.6". Is "Firmware version" the same as "version of Android"?

    I just notice that my Android phone has different menus (Settings > About phone > Software information > Android version) and am worried that the seller is going to argue that "Firmware version" is <> "Android version".

    Apart from this field, is there any other way of definitively establishing which version of Android the device is using? :confused:


  2. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    Live wallpapers didn't show up until 2.0/2.1, are you able to set a live wallpaper? 1.6 and 2.1 also look a touch different, the gray slide out app drawer was changed to the menu button. There are also apps in the google and amazon app stores that will display that information. Spare parts probably does. It's probably android 1.6, sometimes custom update version numbers are confused with os version numbers but both should be displayed if that's the case.
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  3. katysandroid

    katysandroid New Member

    Ah, I have the grey slide out drawer rather than "menu" button, so it appears my suspicions are well-founded. Thanks for your help. :)

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