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Detox Launcher [Tools]

  1. AppBatics

    AppBatics New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Please allow me to announce here the availability of Detox Launcher.

    I believe that with a little help, everyone can develop a responsible smartphone habit - it is possible to combat smartphone addiction and help your children prevent smartphone dependence.

    Therefore...I made an app .

    Detox Launcher is a homescreen replacement that you can use to make individual apps only available at designated time period, 7 days of the week.
    It comes in 2 favours: AOSP JellyBean styled or AOSP KitKat+ styled.

    Check it out on Google Play:
    JB styled
    KK+ styled

    Hardware requirements:
    none, but it is optimized for phones and designed to be run on Jelly Beans and KitKat Android versions.

    • Schedule your apps to be available only during a certain period of a day
    • Individual schedules for 7 days of the week
    • Disallow yourself from altering the scheduling while the app is unavailable
    • Constant feedback of app availability through dimming of icons (optional)
    • Easy-to-use (one screenshot below is all that's needed, hopefully)
    • Looks and works like the stock Android launcher

    Parental Mode:
    • Parents can set a passcode to disallow scheduling change

    (1) [​IMG]

    (2) [​IMG]


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