[DEV] ClockworkMod Recovery and CyanogenMod 7.1 on the Samsung Admire

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  1. once I'm on the finished product of your work I will donate.:D

  2. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Made thread sticky for all to access easily, and remember Donation for hard work from a good person is the key. ;)
  3. jordanishere

    jordanishere Active Member

    Awesome news!
  4. jordanishere

    jordanishere Active Member

    Installed cm7 on my friends HTC supersonic last week... flashing a custom recovery image like cwm and rooting the phone are two different things. His phone wasn't rooted and we got cwm on it no problem. The phone became rooted once cm7 was put on the device, because the rom had already been rooted.

    Also, after playing with cm7 on his phone, I get the impression our phones may actually be slower with cm7 than with the asop gingerbread rom that we are all using now because Cm7 forces you to use ADW.

    Don't get me wrong, his phone is much faster now, since he has gone from HTC sense to cm7.
  5. wayne137

    wayne137 Well-Known Member

    What do you think we are going to be able to overclock our phone to I'm thinking in the high 900mhz maybe like 971mhz?????
  6. tripdoc79

    tripdoc79 Well-Known Member

    i have an opt m thats stock at 600mhz running overclocked at 825mhz... dont see any reason why the admire shouldnt be able to go over 1ghz
  7. donations were for him to buy the phone, and for the work he did that was passed to unforgiven
  8. rangerrob

    rangerrob Well-Known Member

    unforgiven512 is now a daddy.Congratulations!
  9. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    will you be developing a CM9 for our admires... get some ice cream on our babies!
  10. dude1891

    dude1891 Member

    Lets not get too ahead of ourselves. The man is still working on CM7 and just became a daddy...

    Although I'm just as excited about Ice Cream Sandwich as you are lol :p
  11. jordanishere

    jordanishere Active Member

    Our phones wont have the internal memory requirement for ics, let alone the required hardware to run it.
  12. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

    there is no required internal memory for ics, also the hardware requirements is 256MB of Ram, that's it.
  13. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    any phone that runs GB and run ice cream sandwich according to Google and your talking about our phone like its crap it has A LOT of potential
  14. Baek215

    Baek215 Well-Known Member

    Not really, the Samsung admire is a bad phone. Androids from a couple years back have better specs than the admire. The admire is a low end phone, just not as low as Huawei.
  15. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

    I'd say now our devices downgraded to low end only because of the many dual core devices entering the market, soon also the quad cores. It does have a lot of potential though and is not a bad phone, because the new devices are only great increases to the original high end devices (now i would consider mid-range). The galaxy ace is running arm-v7 games on a prossesor similar to ours that is just O/C'd to 940Mhz, and some have Chainfire 3D.
  16. rangerrob

    rangerrob Well-Known Member

    i would have to agree with aaronmy. for the price its a mid range phone. i think once it's got a custom rom with a o.c. kernel some people will change there minds about how good this phone really is.
  17. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    This is a mid-range phone a year ago it would almost be high end before the dual core era, this phone has potential something that most low end phones (insert any huwaei model) don't have in the first place.
  18. awmartian

    awmartian New Member

    Congrats on the new baby! How many hours left do you think you need to spend on this project? I'm trying to get an idea of how much of a donation amount you need. Thanks.
  19. jordanishere

    jordanishere Active Member

    For $129 brand new, its not a bad phone, but you have to keep in mind that even old phones like the nexus s and HTC evo still run roughly ~$300ish brand new at this point.... and these phones have a completed developement cycle and better specs than any device offered by metropcs.

    Nobody buys the Samsung admire because of its specs OR the network it runs on. People buy admires because they are cheap, easy to replace phones for people who are either low on funds, 1st time smartphone owners, or both.

    I think we are lucky to have a phone that is rooted and even luckier to have a dev who is working on the device.
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  20. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    this is the nicest andrpoid pfhone ive ever had i have plenty of faith in it
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  21. Baek215

    Baek215 Well-Known Member

    Admire is bad. I would not consider it a mid range phone at all. For one, it's only $100(Metro in philly is having a special on it, on black friday it'll be $80), secondly, it has no internal memory, you can save a couple apps on the phone before it starts lagging on you, and thirdly, there's no flash, no flash for camera, feels cheap, no Ram, nothing. What's the difference really between this and a Huawei besides the processing speed? Imo, the Esteem is a mid range phone, and this is nothing compared to the Esteem.
  22. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    am i the only one with faith still in the little phone that could...
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  23. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

    Based on physical specs, your 100% right, it is pretty good compared to the Huawei. If you go pick up a LG Optimus M and compare the weight of this phone and that one you would feel a great difference. If you turned on a Huawei and use it daily then changed to this phone almost everyone will love the speed of the Admire compared to that Huawei.
    All in all this phone was a good choice for budget by MPCS (a carrier based on budget), it was an upgrade to the LG and Huawei, which is probably why people are buying this. Also this phone does have RAM.
    It has a better dpi, resolution, has light sensors, gingerbread, and in the end it came out cheaper than the LG Optimus M when that was first released. Don't forget the better CPU.
    But it also doesn't have nothing to, which is why it was $130.
  24. klikmaus

    klikmaus Member

    Ok I have to speak my mind on this-- the Admire is an "excellent value" plain and simple. Fair internal storage, fair RAM, fair screen resolution, fair stock processor speed. While I would LIKE to see it overclocked to 1GHz, when compared to other 800 MHz phones it's impressive. I have a Samsung Moment which is rooted (never could get it to clock over 800 MHz though) and it's significantly slower in side-by-side comparison than the Admire is. The speaker has decent sound and has decent volume when using soundboost.
    Sadly, there would be complaints about the Admire's capabilities even if Metro was selling it for twenty bucks....
  25. aaronmy

    aaronmy Well-Known Member

    I'm angry that this didn't come with TouchWiz UI though, it was advertised too

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