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  1. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    So, this will be much the same of my last CM10 thread. First post will have screenshots/statuses, and second post will have working/non-working with a logcat/build error. All help is always appreciated. :)

    Currently, we don't have a boot. I've gotten it to boot but with a black screen, and without a genlock and hwcomposer.

    This post will get better the further we get.

    Also, this doesn't mean I will stop all work on CM10. I am currently tossing between them, and as you've seen in Paranoid Android, me and BSydz are doing very well when it comes to the progress with it.

    I will post zips as soon as I get a booting build for you guys to play around with.

  2. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    For Devs:

    Github Page

    Again another update, and yet more dropped support for the msm7x30. A group named Andromadus has done a VERY good job with bringing in support for the msm7x30 boards. I'm currently in sync with their cm10.1 branch, and it seems to work pretty well, although the device files need more updating, specifically in headers.

    Another problem we're facing is space, of course. If you look at the android_frameworks_base, android_build, and android_external_svox repositories, I have diet scripts that are getting me ~120mb zips at the end, which is really good compared to the before the scripts. To cut back, I need to cut ALL ringtones, notifications, and alarms except for the CyanogenMod ones, so not much diversity there. But all in all, they work fine for me.

    Current Error:
    Code (Text):
    3. target thumb C++: hwcomposer.msm7x30 <= hardware/qcom/display/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp
    4. target thumb C++: hwcomposer.msm7x30 <= hardware/qcom/display/libhwcomposer/hwc_video.cpp
    5. In file included from hardware/qcom/display/libgralloc/ionalloc.h:33:0,
    6.                  from hardware/qcom/display/libgralloc/alloc_controller.cpp:36:
    7. bionic/libc/kernel/common/linux/msm_ion.h:27:6: error: multiple definition of 'enum ion_heap_ids'
    8. device/motorola/triumph/include/linux/ion.h:55:6: error: previous definition here
    9. In file included from hardware/qcom/display/libgralloc/ionalloc.h:33:0,
    10.                  from hardware/qcom/display/libgralloc/alloc_controller.cpp:36:
    11. bionic/libc/kernel/common/linux/msm_ion.h:85:8: error: redefinition of 'struct ion_flush_data'
    12. device/motorola/triumph/include/linux/ion.h:449:8: error: previous definition of 'struct ion_flush_data'
    13. bionic/libc/kernel/common/linux/msm_ion.h:94:8: error: redefinition of 'struct ion_flag_data'
    14. device/motorola/triumph/include/linux/ion.h:464:8: error: previous definition of 'struct ion_flag_data'
    15. make: *** [/home/gannon5197/android/cm10.1/out/target/product/triumph/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libmemalloc_intermediates/alloc_controller.o] Error 1
    16. make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
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  3. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    Shit, the Triumph will eventually have Android 4.2.1? That has issues even on my Nexus 4! (It is certainly buggy, Play Music and the OS love to glitch up, freeze, and crash, particularly SystemUI) I wonder if this little phone can handle it. I do not personally think we should even attempt to put 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) on it when it comes out. 4.2 should be enough to give us mileage until the Triumph is old enough that its hardware won't even run modern web browsers. Let's hope that's not anytime soon. Putting 5.0 on it would be like putting Windows 8 on a PC that came with DOS. Mobile tech especially moves really fast.
  4. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    The Optimus V is running 4.2.1 right now... I'm pretty sure we've still got a little life ahead of us ;)
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  5. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Rukin, glad to see development still going strong with that old phone of mine ;) I check the Triumph forums periodically and though I don't have the Triumph anymore, it is still exciting to see the progress! :D
  6. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    We made the Triumph jump years into the future. I don't like any of the 4.0 and up ROMs on the OV. Constant reboots and freezes. Never worked for me. Kind of why I switched to the Triumph back then... But now I am on the Nexus 4. The OV was my first Android phone. It was decent for its time. And it's still alright today. We may not have the camera 100% yet but I can assure you that MTDEV ROMs run much smoother than the ROMs I have seen on the OV.
  7. rebel69ization

    rebel69ization Well-Known Member

    I had the ov and passed it on to my son. I actually contemplated trading this piece of crap for that one back. Truth is that phone is light years ahead of this one. We don't even have the kernel they have because our devs can't get it to work on this shit.
  8. MikeRL

    MikeRL Well-Known Member

    They had more luck. Somehow the camera wound up working. Moto sucks chunks. Do yourself a favor and whenever you buy another phone, don't get any of the Android phones that don't get updates. Also ditch VM. Either get a Nexus, Windows Phone, or anything besides mainstream non-Nexus Android. The carriers and OEMs pump out a gazillion models, charge premium price, and expect you to buy a new phone just to upgrade the OS. We should have at least got a Gingerbread update. But thanks to corporate greed, that will never officially happen. In my eyes, they are milking open source for profit, the low cost of open source should be passed on with quality support and hardware and software fixes to the consumer. Open source was in fact created to combat this very type of thing. Remember how Microsoft made us all get new PC's to run Vista and up? Linux was supposed to combat these evils, but I cannot help but think that Android is contradicting the spirit of free software. I can guarantee you when RMS and Linus Torvalds layed out the foundations for Linux and the free software movement, giving companies like Motorola more money was definitely NOT what they hoped to accomplish. Good thing is Motorola has competition. My dumb phone from years back had less issues than the Triumph. Signal was great, and every application worked. It is no wonder that Motorola is near bankruptcy. I say we throw a party then! What goes around comes around. But when I learn some C this semester, I may be able to provide assistance in development. I may seem like I'm doing nothing now, but I'm waiting for help on the FAQ and myself to learn programming, plus after going at this for six to nine months, I just need a damn break. I will return.
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  9. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    From what i've been told/heard usually any Android phone has only ever been upgraded one version higher than what it started at. This statement is not meant however, to release Motorola from it's duty to their loyal customers. They could at east have offered patches to cure some of the problems that this phone has been reported to have. The Triumph is capable of Gingerbread as we all well know. The fact that you guys almost have a fully working camera on ICS is testament to the dedication of weekend developers. All Hail :D:D the Devs like G60 and others that take time away from their families and regular lives to make our phones better.
  10. pillbug

    pillbug Active Member

    I was really annoyed with Toyota when I bought the base model 2011 Camry and they didn't just give me the 2012 model with the sunroof and satellite radio the next year.
  11. redgjm

    redgjm Well-Known Member

    That's not the same thing.
  12. rebel69ization

    rebel69ization Well-Known Member

  13. pillbug

    pillbug Active Member

    Explain to me why it's not.

    And, and always, thank you devs for all your hard work.
  14. calitrippin

    calitrippin Well-Known Member

    because when there was an issue with the toyota, toyota recalled them and fixed the issue, also toyota does stand by the workmanship of their products.
  15. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    Nope, it's not the same thing. In your example we would be asking Motorola to give us a newer more capable phone... no in our case we bought a 2011 Toyota that has a bug in the computer that causes it to stall every time we drive up a mountain above 4000 feet. We simply are asking that they fix a deficiency that causes our phones to run out of memory and lock up.

    By the way, the 4000 foot analogy actually happened on my Yamaha motorcycle , and yes Yamaha did recall and correct the problem.
  16. BSydz

    BSydz Well-Known Member Developer

    What happened to the github?

    Error: All you have to do is find the lines that are the same and either comment out the lines in our ion.h file or vice versa. It is either defined differently or just because there are duplicate definitions for the same thing. I could tell you more if I could see it.
  17. pillbug

    pillbug Active Member

    No, I think some people here are missing the point. It's OK if you think your phone is crap. But you should have known what you were getting when you bought it, and there's no reason to assume that Motorola (or whoever actually made the thing) would give you updates and imrovements for free. My Toyota example wasn't for a recall where something didn't work (and even there, recalls are ONLY for safety, and are typically enforced by the government). What didn't work on your Android 2.2 phone when you bought it that you expected to work? Why didn't you quickly return it when you found out? Motorola owes us nothing. And they are going to give us just that. I do not begrudge them for it.

    I am running an October build of Android 2.3 on my phone. I love it. My phone works flawlessly. I'm excited about ICS (and Jellybean), but I know the developers are only working on the phone because they want to, not because they have to. They too owe us nothing. But they're in it for love. We should respect that, not ask for ETAs, and at least occasionally maybe send our thanks in the form of some scratch.

    I see people seemingly bitter and angry over their phones and their $25/mo plans. Heck, you don't like it? Verizon will be happy to sell you something better and much, much more expensive. Me? I'm happy enough. My phone works well. And it's better now than when I bought it due to very generous and brilliant developers. And I really find the development talk (and frequent products) here on this board fascinating reading. My appreciation to all.
  18. andr2d2

    andr2d2 Well-Known Member

    Sorry pillbug, I disagree with you about Motorola. We know they could allow a simple update if they wanted to. Just simple patches to fix the known problems with the stock Rom. I would certainly agree that they are under no obligation to advance us to a higher version of the Android OS simply because that's what we want. Why not at least release the needed files so that someone else can though? But they don't care about us because we are prepaid. Plain and simple! Offer an update to a higher version of the OS as a paid subscription if you have to make a profit at every turn. They won't even give us any options!

  19. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    You may also want to replace all the files in the include from the updated kernel BSydz did. I don't believe we have gone back and updated those files from CM9-CM10.1.
  20. rukin5197

    rukin5197 Well-Known Member

    Sorry haven't been keeping this thread up to date much. I have gotten past all the errors and I'm now doing an Evervolv build due to the support for legacy devices and msm7x30 in particular.

    https://github.com/MTEvervolv is where the source is at, and if you want to contribute I can make you and g60 co-owners as well.

    Right now I'm just getting a black screen after the M logo and it's flashing randomly.
  21. rebel69ization

    rebel69ization Well-Known Member

    Stop it already and go wash your face
  22. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    This is a thread about development.
    That means "progress" ;)

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