Dev donation thread

  1. daustin2015

    daustin2015 Well-Known Member

    Come on guys lets get these devs something to test with maybe just maybe we can get cm10 worked out or even better get this dang thing unlocked any takers i will most likely be able to make a contribution soon anyone else with me

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  2. adanmex

    adanmex Well-Known Member

    I got $40 on It β•€
  3. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

    20 here
  4. daustin2015

    daustin2015 Well-Known Member

    Pg says someone gave him 50 last night we may have just bought pg,s test phone awsome pg yet me know what you need i might be able to cover what others do not
  5. cee562

    cee562 Well-Known Member

    I get paid today so i got another 40 in
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  6. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    just by this thread thats 100, plus the 50 he said he already got. you guys are awesome for helping him out :)
  7. daustin2015

    daustin2015 Well-Known Member

    Going to throw in 50 sometime next week if girlfriend doesent kill me lol
  8. rhino889a

    rhino889a Well-Known Member

    This is very true
    But i think its even more awesome for the man to take time out of his life to work on a phone he doesnt own. Not only does he work on cm he bops around the motion forums helping with other problems we have.
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  9. Eyepatchdude

    Eyepatchdude Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. I hope everyone follows through.. I did make that first $50 donation to get that man a motion.. and with the promised donations here, that's a NIB motion, instead of one of the ones off Ebay.
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  10. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    thats all that has donated thus far still. And I thank you, its much appreciated.
  11. cee562

    cee562 Well-Known Member

    Just dropped another 40
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  12. rhino889a

    rhino889a Well-Known Member

    Is this phone still available for purchase under 150 dollars.
  13. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    $149 w/ $50 mail in rebate.
  14. Spec2nirvash

    Spec2nirvash VIP Member VIP Member

    Another $20 in. Come on guys, get the man a phone ;)
  15. rhino889a

    rhino889a Well-Known Member

    Thats still good.i got 3 now ,one1 was siimply 100
    The other 2 were 150 with 50 instant and 50 mail in
    But if you buy it at metro you have to pay for 1 month service if you dont already have plan to put your new phone on.

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