Dev enables auto-rotate

  1. Syrax

    Syrax Well-Known Member

  2. devolio

    devolio Well-Known Member

    Looks like a sweet app. The only issue is...

    1. First of all, please ensure that you have already updated your G1 using the modified firmware from or you will not be able to run it.
  3. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    I checked the site and the video out and it is a tight lil deal! Auto rotate is definately a must use app.
  4. jabtas

    jabtas Well-Known Member

    I have just downloaded the Pictorial App, and this has auto-rotate built in, surely its only a matter of time before another developer can implement it in to the full phone
  5. Kael29

    Kael29 Active Member

    Aye .. that's a deal breaker.

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