Dev Needed... 2.1 Running on the Behold 2

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  1. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member


  2. Android Fiend

    Android Fiend Well-Known Member

    yeah i follow him, does he post anything about the BH2....NO. Only vibrant stuff.
  3. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    The more you bug him the less he'll want to work on the Behold.
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  4. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    leave him be, man. he's doing us a big favor. let him do it on his terms.
  5. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, I didn't recall having to updated everyone :confused: Still same issue's with sound.. and given there is still no clear source for the sound.. I'll be more than happy to give the phone back to the sender if we want to get pushing about it...

    I spend about 3 hours a week on the behold2 looking for source and try stuff, but you are more than welcome to do it, as I don't even use the phone I'm just trying to get sound to work correctly.
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  6. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    Thanks Eugene for the update. And please don't give up! Most of us around here understand that this could take months, and might never work at all. But it sure would be nice to stick it to Samsung if you can get it to work. ;) In addition to having a bunch of BH2s walking around and showing their true potential.
  7. fenderman

    fenderman Active Member

    Agreed most people who have been on this forum understand and have read the thread and have seen that its a slow work in progress! And also am with everybody that wants 2.1 to show samsung it was possible, and to have a phone at least close to what i paid for and was promised thanks again behold man and continue the great work because it is appreciated!
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  8. Asadullahibnrob

    Asadullahibnrob New Member

    This is a crazy forum. WTF
  9. virusbetax

    virusbetax Well-Known Member

    Eugene if i send you my phone will you root it and flash to galaxy 1.6 for me? ive been having alot of trouble becuase of vista machine. lol and i am really hoping for 2.1 on Behold 2. right now this is my only choice and if it takes 30 years i will wait that long no doubt:D i might not have the phone anymore but i still love those exilharating moments you give to your fans with your roms and releases!:)

    Thank you for all your help and i pray for this to happen!
  10. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    I'm sure someone else could help you with that so we can give Eugene space, I'm guessing he's not a big fan of some of this pressure. otherwise there are many step-by-step guides here on the me man, if I can do it, you can do it. :)
  11. Erick

    Erick Well-Known Member

    This is the most viewed thread for the behold's forums..

    A lot of people are counting on you Eugene to make this happen. :)
  12. X_roy

    X_roy New Member

    good in hardware weak in system version

    just like i8320 limo someone's tring to transit android on to this phone, but drivers are not complete, several functions lost :(
  13. I am honestly fed up with this phone and knowing that we've been cheated by samsung like this i will never buy their phone again. Time to switch to mytouch 4g, don't think i can stand using this damn piece of crap much longer.
  14. fallenturtle

    fallenturtle Well-Known Member

    Using AppBrain (which I've since uninstalled since it was making my phone not fall asleep) I was able to install Angry Birds, which technically requires 2.1 or higher.

    It ran, but at about 2-5fps. Is this probably because of the hardware not being able to handle that sort of game or is it because older Android OS just can't process it right? Basically, in an ideal world where we had a fully working 2.1 or 2.2 running on the Behold II, would the game work better?

    I realize this is all hypothetical, but I'm curious about it and how it relates to the actual hardware power of the phone.
  15. j0hnh0lmes

    j0hnh0lmes Well-Known Member

    Wrong thread, but Angry birds works for 1.6+. The issue is they just moved it to OpenGLS1.0. They just need to work on performance better for older phones. If you had 2.1+ with a descent phone it would run fine.
  16. lych

    lych Well-Known Member

    Also wrong thread, but I think Angry Birds uses textures that are designed for larger displays. I think they just added a backwards compatibility option that re-sizes the game's textures for display on older phones. Rovio's physics engine may also need some asm optimizations as well.
  17. sseadog40

    sseadog40 New Member

    HI everyone,
    Ok I am a novice when it comes to programing phones.Computers I am ok with.
    So here it goes. I have a behold 2 SGH T-939 and it is working fine with the 1.5 operating system.But after much reading I would like to know what are some of the benefits to up dating this phone?And if it is worth it (cause its very interesting to me that its possible to get around t-mobile and some of their roadblocks in my phone)to make changes what would be the first change I should make and where can I get the directions to do it?I have only basic understandings of flashing, backing up,cmd prmps and the different software associated with my phone ...So again I am a newbie looking for some basic step by step help..
  18. fenderman

    fenderman Active Member

    Actually we would all love to flash to 2.1 but without the source codes from samsung we only can update to 1.6 unless BeholdMan can create a 2.1 rom which is hoped by alot of us Behold 2 owners! So lets let him do his thing and hope for the best!;)
  19. bearsfan85

    bearsfan85 Well-Known Member Developer

    reading the last page of the thread, it has gotten really off topic, if you have a question about updating or something other then helping with updating the phone post it somewhere else
  20. sub7m19

    sub7m19 New Member

    Bearsfan85, i'm currently using your custom rom and its slick, saw a great performance boost from stock 1.6. Are you currently working with bh_man to bring the 2.1 to life for the bh2?
  21. equinox

    equinox Member

    I managed to get the build source for the original 1.5 build before Samsung took down the open source site a while back. There on my Linux laptop I believe, if you guys are interested in that or think it would help I'll upload them. Maybe if I get some spare time I can take a look at this ROM. Not sure what it takes to do the android deal, but I've compiled Linux from source and made custom builds for embedded systems. Assembly and C are my languages, none of this java object oriented crap (no offense to you new wave programmers out there, I understand how the market has changed)!
  22. Erick

    Erick Well-Known Member

    Still in full support!!!

    Lets do this!!
  23. DynamitePress

    DynamitePress Well-Known Member

    is this something useful for the pursuit of 2.1, guys? because...well, that'd be awesome if we actually got a small leg up!
  24. aequitas3

    aequitas3 Well-Known Member

    @equinox if you're talking about the file I think you're talking about, I believe bh_man has stated a few times that it is missing the essential drivers that are needed to build the 2.x rom, but if you want, you can upload it and send it to me and I'll check it with the files I have on my linux to see if anything different stands out.. I just hope it's what we need...
  25. slvr00gt

    slvr00gt New Member

    Removing my original post. It is not useful

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