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  1. Nefser

    Nefser Active Member

    WARNING: Be careful about changing the scale setting to 0 for both Window animations and Transition animations. On my phone, the options are now permanently grayed out and cannot be changed. I wanted to add this as a warning to anyone who might be tempted to change the settings mentioned below to "see if it works on my phone".

    Settings -> Developer options -> Animations (scroll down)

    In this section, you can change the scale/speed of the windows and transitions animations. I am fairly sure that I'd initially changed the settings through all the permutations, to get a feel for what I preferred, including having both of the settings off. (Software version: O2 - UK -

    I just updated the system (O2 - UK - the other night and along with changing other options, I re-visited these options and at some point, changed them both to 0/Off. At that point, both of the scale options became grayed out and the Animation setting un-ticked. Ticking the option does nothing (whereas I would expect it to re-enable both settings, at default values). [I suspect ticking the option attempts to 'enable' the other two settings, but as they are both still at 0, the options immediately disable and the animation option gets un-ticked.]

    I'm currently stuck with a very 'snappy' phone and thankfully it is still completely useable, but I'm annoyed that:
    a) this bug exists and I've just swallowed it
    b) I can't find any information on the web of how to fix this

    I have seen someone else post about this issue on some other forum, and they mentioned doing restarts, factory reset, etc., but wasn't able to resolve the issue, so I'm not planning on doing that myself.

    Perhaps someone is aware of a settings app, launcher, etc., that might have these animation settings available and therefore, might allow me to reset the underlying system settings.


  2. Nefser

    Nefser Active Member

    (So as not to be seen as just a shameless 'bump', I'll mention that I will only reply to my own post this once.)

    If anyone is willing to be brave enough to try setting both scaling options to 0 and see if you have the problem (or that ticking the Animations setting resets the scaling options), it might help track down if the problem is linked to a specific build (and hopefully a later 1.29.x update would resolve it).

    Perhaps if I can lure enough people to fall into the same pit with me, we'll get enough bodies in the hole for at least some of us to climb back out. ;-)

  3. Nefser

    Nefser Active Member


    installed "Developers Tools" by PANDADEV.

    Hope this may help someone who gets themself in the same predicament.

    - Jim

    P.S. If you were afraid to test this on your phone before, knowing a simple solution exists might tempt you to see what happens.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Tested, the options didn't grey out for me though. :)
  5. Nefser

    Nefser Active Member

    Haha. Well thanks for trying. I noticed you didn't give it a try until I mentioned I'd found a fix for it. ;-)

    Curious what version you're using, as it may have cropped up in this release but already noted and fixed in the most recent 1.29.x release.

  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    In all fairness, I'm running a custom ROM based on 1.29.401.7 so it's either been fixed in the official release, or the Dev has sorted it for the ROM.

    And of course I'm not going to test something potentially unfixable :p
  7. vivekk3112

    vivekk3112 New Member

    Hey try this app

    "DroidSans Tweak Tools Lite"
    In Google play store it helps to revert back your transition animation problem

    Have a good day.:)
  8. ianarus

    ianarus New Member

    Thank you so much mate for that i had the same problem for months and did not want to do a factory reset! Now animation works again!!:) :)
    Again many thanks!

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