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  1. chimom79

    chimom79 Member

    Hey guys. I was wondering if there are any of the options under the developer options I should have on? I am not having much luck with searching. Should I make it where apps are killed when I'm not using them and also where there is a limit on bg apps? I just wasn't sure about those options and don't want to mess up anything.

  2. chimom79

    chimom79 Member

    Nobody? I will leave things alone unless I learn more. Thanks anyway though! :)
  3. kbbru

    kbbru Well-Known Member

    The idea is that you don't need the "Developer options" unless you are, well, a developer.
    But there is one option that I have activated: "Show touches". That way, if I don't get a response from a tap, at least I know if it is because the program doesn't respond, or because my fat clumsy fingers were in the wrong place. :eek:
  4. chimom79

    chimom79 Member

    Ok. Thanks so much for responding. Appreciate it!

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