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  1. podagee

    podagee Well-Known Member

    We eally need devs here for this product.the memo 10.1 was released about 2months ago and it should have some sort of root method for it.instead we are left here with nothing to work with.please help us community folk.thanks in advance.

  2. Sgele

    Sgele New Member

    Or you could have bought something else instead.
    I'dd like to root this tab as well but to ask questions like this... you're basically asking devs to buy one and start messing around with it.

    Just wait....like anybody else
  3. podagee

    podagee Well-Known Member

    eventually devs will be involved and i never asked anyone to go out and buy one.and i am waiting like everyone else.glad it caught your attention.if not you wouldnt be on this thread as well.
  4. podagee

    podagee Well-Known Member

    just tried the tf300t one click root method and it almost worked,only it cant find the specified path to /data/local. if only i knew how to write scripts.
  5. Sgele

    Sgele New Member

    Head out to transformerforums.com
    Root method is available :)
  6. Just rooted mine using motochopper.

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