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  1. redliner

    redliner Member

    hey, karvec, jump into the wave :)


  2. Alsigney

    Alsigney Member

    I may not know much in the way of coding the devour, but I'm good at figuring things out. I've dealt with C++ language as a programmer, so I'm not a noob. I'd like to join
  3. redliner

    redliner Member

    it looks like we'd have to start from scratch to get 2.2

    meaning, we have to be running a pc running linux, then compile it piece by piece, driver by driver, and have to tweak nearly every core file and driver in order for it to be reliable.... which would be a pain. nuff said.

    the problem with just updating the android os core files to 2.2 is that it will break eclipse (java based apps) support and everything else that matters turning the phone into a useless brick.

    so it takes more than just "rooting the phone" to have a flawless working android 2.2 phone.

    we need someone with more experience to take up the challenge??! if i were to do this myself it'd take me a couple months.
  4. Alsigney

    Alsigney Member

    could always talk to the people that do the rom manager application for the droid and see if they are working on anything.

    Were you able to root the phone though?
  5. redliner

    redliner Member

    no, we have only access to the recovery screen.
  6. Alsigney

    Alsigney Member

    Well keeping in mind they are both made by the same company, the way to root them is going to be the same, and they both no doubt have the same boot-loader. The only difference is just going to be the coding that will need a modification in order to root and super user the phone
  7. homer169

    homer169 Well-Known Member

    Just becase they are made my the same company, doesn't make rooting them the same. If that were the case the Eris would be rooted already. You should try talking to some of the dev's over on XDA and see if they can offer any constructive input.
  8. rwilliams268

    rwilliams268 Member

    The Eris has been rooted you can read about it here. Going on what has been said I will share some more info that I just found out about the Devour. Now this is running Android 1.6 with the maintenance release that was pushed out by Verizon.

    Technology: CDMA 1X
    Software Version: CALAND_X_01.15.08P
    Flex Version: XS4VRZ02CAL01NA01D.OR
    Bootloader Version: 1446
    DRM Version: N/A

    Now I don't know at the moment if this helps us or not, but it doesn't hurt.
  9. homer169

    homer169 Well-Known Member

    The Eris has not been rooted. There was a test rom with root access leaked. That is they only way we have root on the Eris.
  10. Alsigney

    Alsigney Member

    As Said same Boot-Loader. To me that means the physical program responsible for booting, updating, and resetting the phone. Yes there are some differences between them in code, but as far as the program goes, it is like an identical twin. Some some extra lines to handle the Moto-Blur. Since they are both made by the same company, not all that far apart, I doubt that Motorola made a new boot-loader for the phone. prolly just took the one from the droid and edited it a little to make it work for the devour.

    It's also not rooting the phone that presents the challenge. I'm sure someone with enough coding experience could go into the phone and root it in a couple of days. It's the ROM (If you want a custom System) and how the default system rom works.

    Once an update for rooting the devour is made, applying it will be exactly the same as it is for the droid. I've seen both boot-loader and recovery menus for both phones, and they are to say the least identical. Not sure if that is the case after the Verizon Update since I have not messed up my phone since then, but it doesn't hurt the phone to go look.

    Verizon has a way of quickly locking people out of features on their phone once they are exploited. That's what happened to the Moto Razr V3m. You used to be able to hack features on that phone like crazy, but after a NEWC update after 01.09.02, and their move to MEID, it became impossible. Flashing the phone went away, at least properly flashing anyway. So just by applying that update, it might have already become that much harder, maybe impossible.

    By the way the Eris is rooted :p
  11. rwilliams268

    rwilliams268 Member

    I didn't know how it was rooted or not rooted just had seen alot of rom's over at xda so I just assumed it was rooted, but either way I post over on xda what I posted here so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can figure something out.
  12. Alsigney

    Alsigney Member

  13. phirefaux

    phirefaux Well-Known Member

    maybe instead of looking to the droid for the root method you could look to the backflip? i read that it had been rooted and it has motoblur so the method may be more closely matched than that for the droid. the droid has a much longer community so most likely a larger core group of devs who could help thou.

    i have no exp in coding or java so im of little use but i would love to test the outcome once and if its developed. let me know.

    gl to all

    and gratz on the wedding, i just had my 1 year anniversary.
  14. Nascar2555

    Nascar2555 Member

    How do you sign up for the google wave? Also redliner. I understand it tking a few months to fly through all drivers. If you can get me started in this. Ill take half of it and that will take our time down to 1 and a half months :D... I'm sure several people in here will help. We are very anxious to help in anyway we can. If we all take a piece we might can finalize by the first of july. :D!!!!!!!!
  15. Nascar2555

    Nascar2555 Member

    If you can give us the drivers to work on. Then you can just work on reving and piecing our work together redliner and then well be up to step 4 and almost ready to test on the devour.
  16. redliner

    redliner Member

    google wave is at jordancalton at gmail dot com im pretty busy but there's alot of info and links there.

  17. homer169

    homer169 Well-Known Member

    Each day more and more Android handsets are being sold, and that means users are faced with a major decision: To root, or not to root. Some of us will do it simply because we can, others will decide not to do it as they enjoy the phone as-is, but the majority of us will be on the fence about the whole idea of rooting.
    Hopefully some of those questions can get answered and you
  18. tithefug

    tithefug Active Member

    I would be grateful for any root access, as my wife does not need MotoBlur, and disabling it has proven to be a major hassle.

    Thanks in advance for any work you perform on this!!!
  19. redliner

    redliner Member

    yes, it's possible to use the phone without motoblur, some of the blur apps might not function correctly but it works for me. in order to do it you have to activate the phone, then hard reset, then bypass activation screen, then dial *228 option 1 or *22899 to auto activate. plug in your gmail and your contacts will come back to you

    hope this helps
  20. redliner

    redliner Member

    update: i'm working 70 hours this week.....

    and looking at getting an LG ally.... it cost $370 new full retail instead of the devour at $430 full retail so as an employee im probably going to swap it out for the ally or get the shadow or droid 2
  21. tithefug

    tithefug Active Member

    I have tried something similar using the '##bluroff' technique after doing a factory reset. This works, but after some random period of the time, the phone will restart and perform a factory reset. Then, I would have to go through all of this over again. But, if I actually log her into MotoBlur, then Google, everything works fine.

    I will try your solution later today when I get home. Thanks.

    I actually saw this phone on verizonwireless.com yesterday, and was thinking, man I wish we held out about a month for this phone. Android 2.1, Physical Keyboard and a normal working camera, and best of all ... NO MOTOBLUR!!!! LOL.
  22. snowboarderxd1

    snowboarderxd1 Well-Known Member

    Just Wondering is this project still going on because out of all the android forums i have seen this is the only one that actually looks like it might get the Root actually down for the Devour. Hopefully it is still being worked on and will be done soon i would love just in general rooting so i can over clock and wireless Tether and of course Custom roms =D
  23. Nascar2555

    Nascar2555 Member

    Sounds to me like it just died if redliner is going to buy the lg ally.... what a bummer considering the rest of us are stuck with this phone.
  24. karvec

    karvec Member

    Alot of people keep downloading the Devour SDK so there may be a few people still working on it. I myself am working on it slow but sure, and if I find anything out otherwise I'll post it here.
  25. phirefaux

    phirefaux Well-Known Member

    im glad to hear that, im tempted to get the ally myself with its autofocus camera and 2.1 but that phone has a even smaller community than the devour does it seems. this thing is built like a tank. and the keyboard cant be beat. lets keep working on root, so we can put this thing on the map, if people knew they could root it, the community would just explode with more devs.

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