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  1. tim.hamilton

    tim.hamilton Member

    I have discovered a gap in the app market. There is no app for a server of a restaurant. A server could benefit from an app to help input quick orders and to keep track of their tickets. A server would need to be able to customize the app to match their restaurants menu. It should be easy enough you would just need to match a point of sale computer's menus. As a server I would need boxes (with customizable names) that I can select that will take me to a sub menu of more small boxes (with customizable names). Then those boxes will take me to more boxes and so on. Some boxes, when selected, would need to leave a value (Cajun Chicken Sandwich) on a "ticket" (the ticket should be easy to find and a server would need to be able to track all of his tickets (and put table numbers and guests and such). Lastly there would need to be an option for the server to make notes on a value. Here is an example: "Cajun Chicken Sandwhich (add bacon)."

    An example of the box selection order could look like this
    "lunch menu">"main courses">"sandwiches"> "Cajun Chicken Sandwich" (servers note: no bacon, extra toasty).

    My advice. Release a quick freebie to get your app and name out there, then develop it more, then go to restaurants and try to get your app synced to their systems (big bucks). The idea will work if done properly and it will get big. I have no use for the idea so someone else can enjoy producing it, good luck!

  2. tim.hamilton

    tim.hamilton Member

  3. tim.hamilton

    tim.hamilton Member

    Did anyone take up my challenge?
  4. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    This does sound like a really good idea. However, being a waiter for almost two years at high end restaurants I don't think there is anything wrong with server pads and books. Just personal preference though. But still think it would be a good app to develop.

    Edit: I also feel as if I would be faster taking orders in normal shorthand rather than selecting options or even slower texting "no bacon, extra toast". And speed and accuracy are everything to a server.
  5. F1arez

    F1arez Member

    I guess it comes down to preferance because I know that i would love to use a server app because of the ease of tracking orders.

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